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@FrankCowperwood cool with the Carrier, i´ve been planning to get something from them. How did you find quality /sizing?
^ they all look fine rolled , which I guess suits your style? An alternative, which also seems very MH, is to hem them with a full, pretty sloppy, break. I would probably do that, and then roll them for days when a break feels too sloppy.
@gettoasty I agree that they are great, but filson are not producing the zippered tote in black (and no longer the one without zippers either it seem), the most versatile of colors... I have the one without zippers which is great for most things as long as its not raining.
what is this thread about? You decided to wash your pants and it was ok?
Me neither, but it seems surprisingly difficult to find big long coats. They have a return policy, so will probably just try an xl.
will probably get this coat, but both it and the sleeve length seems a bit short in the picture. Consensus on sizing up for an "oversized" fit?
I got this Fox Umbrella from Oi polloi, its nice.
Did anyone try on the Deutschleder pants NMWA has? The cut really needs to be right for that fabric to not be a torture.
@ManofKent How were you greeted by your Barbour wearing neighbors?
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