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Boom, phd acquired (in black OL shirt, black linen pants, vans).
defending my thesis tomorrow, shit is sort of scary. Planning to tackle that by wearing comfy black OL silk shirt and some equally comfy pants, wonder if that will be considered academic sacrilege .
^^agreed, but I guess you can agree that even nn might have his ups and downs? im mostly a fan though.
NN 07 chinos are (or at least used to be, no clue if they have updated the fit) really slim throughout, dont like the fit at all. The rest of the stuff is solid but nothing special imo. Often some bad design choices in the details..
^^ actually hate excel, R for life.
In other news, I did 3*5 at 130 kg + 3*5 at 140 kg deadlifts yesterday which felt nice. Is that too much volume? Think my one rep max is around 160 kg, which im looking to increase.
conceptionist Not 100 % that I follow, are you saying that it is "impossible" to get muscle growth on 5 x 5 type programmes (given the very low volume compared to 100 reps per body part) ?
reading this right now, seems interesting. First Lem encounter.
^^ Jacket looks superb. You can always wear dark pants with it, easier.
Nothing wrong at all with the "bagginess". The blazer is a bit small/ up-tight in comparison though. But it works.
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