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best fitting jacket and pants I´ve ever seen on you!
^^ despite having abandoned lumberjack wear myself, I actually like that. Would wear with dark gray/black.
French 50s chambray coat HM tee Old town drawstring ("Unity") trousers vans filson bag
^^ really horrible to my eye. asymmetric hooded cardigan... atleast two things too many at the same time.
Classic haferlschuhe toe shape I would/will get them directly from the German site https://haferl.com/ , where they are kind enough to offer my size ~47
going deeper into the Tyrol Alptraum the orginal Haferl brand, Richard boots? They are on the one hand ugly, on the other quite special, on the third obscure classics. Remember having the same feeling about paraboot 7 years ago..
toasty feet
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