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on the other hand, popular stereotypes about academics (e.g., disheveled) would suggest a negative correlation between phd probability and fashion interest.
Hm, wonder if the number of PhD´s here is higher than a random population sample?
H&M used to have these super low/tiny loafer socks. Guess they still do?
is that in Rådhuset?
not my most exciting buy, and not my pic/overly tight pants. But the sneakers seem ok
@ManofKent are those all black stan smiths?
^^ looks fine to me for the wide-ish vintage look. I have some old LVC that shrunk 5 inches that are about that length. Best with sandals but ok with everything.
Yes, something like that would be perfect. But slightly rounder toe, and size 13...
about loafers, is it possible to not come across as preppy in standard loafers? I was thinking about getting some black ones, to wear with black linen pants or whatever, but it might be some italian prep territory im not keen on venturing into. In general, a relaxed , non-sneaker shoe would be great..
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