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^^thanks, i´ve been looking at the original g pants forever without commiting. Any comments on sizing?
^^ i´d love to hear more about the mysterious Gramicci pants myself
Saw this random guy on instagram who is wearing the Le Lab moleskin half balloons. Looked better/more normal than I thought it wouldthese
^^ really curious how that French half balloon cut actually looks worn... Curious about the Lafont cords especially.
well, more or less but it gets a bit confusing. Le Laboureur jackets have a french sizing system (1-6) or so. Im a 4 in the moleskin & linen jackets, and a 3 in the wool jacket. French pants are sized acording to centimeters across so a 44 = 88 cm = around 34 inch. Im usually take a 34 (which of course can be vanity sized), a 44 in Le Lab cords and a 46 in Lafont moleskin. So would probably say that the latter fits slightly small, but might be a vanity size bias, and that...
^^anyones guess, but i dont think so (fit is described as "weit/lang"). Will post a pic when I get it/get around to changing the buttons. But I have pretty high hopes for it.
Ah, true that gets some better options! Might try to get something like that.... I think the one I used to have was from Geiger.Let me know how it turns out (i got these http://www.biomidi.fr/pantalon-de-travail-coton/2402-pantalon-moleskine-100-coton-sanfor-adolphe-lafont.html)
Haferlschue were weirdly enough also a part of the whole nepenthes look some years ago, a very traditional Bavarian brand (can anyone rememember the name? Lacingon the side) that for some reason was sold at Inventory and so on. There exists a whole bunch of german/bavarian traditional shoe makers who make a lot of very cool stuff, like Trabert and Bertl. Hope to do a german roadtrip soon to check some out.I really like the german cord workwear, the quality is quite...
Im dangerously into Alpine/Tyrole wear these days, living in Zurich and with a girlfriend from Munich. The latter sets the boundry, however much I would love some haferlschuhe, she just see it as odd kitch. The closest ive got is the Meindl "Sasel" shoes which I love.
haha, just curious about a summary of Scheiders style/influences, why its good and so on. Sorry for being obscure
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