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^yea sure, would look fine/ok.
Shore, the first one looks nicer. Easier to combine with different styles aswell imo, due to the more stripped down look.
I really dislike the plastic back tab/branding on the Visvims, really tacky to my eye. Otherwise they are fine.
Agreed. I miss all the old analytical threads. Nowadays, I basically, I only look at WAYWT and this thread, probably because I´m not that into specific brands. I enjoyed Caustic mans "Theory " thread as a welcome return of some thinking to the board..
I definitely agree from a brand recognizably perspetive , but for me it does little. Seems like they are pretty all over the map (but still somehow manage to make it work together) at the moment though (from the style you mention, to black and moody, do a bit workwear-y). I personally buy mostly basics from them, mainly shirts (which they do very well). Speaking of their awkward cuts, i´m curios to see how the sailor pants will work for example, I talked with one of the...
Got so inspired that I had to order a pair of black moleskin pants from Lafont... Unpredictable outcome!
^^Very good points. To me, continental (french and german ) workwear has a similar vibe as the British workwear tradition, both heavily focused on moleskin and heavy cord rather than denim (but obviously less tweed). I discovered some very good german companies myself last year (through Manufactum), especially FHB which still makes some tremendous ,extremely heavy black cord jackets in Germany. Similarly, Le Laboreur and Adolphe Lafont still make some traditional styles in...
started thinning at around 25, just kept it buzzed since. Really not an issue for me, even though it would be cool to have hair. Taking hormones to prevent hair loss is just insane from my perspective.
deadstock ancient wool pants (no belt loops, suspender buttons, split waist). Not sure why I got them..
not a huge fan on the tan stuff, but i got their standard canvas in briefcase in black, which I use every day and love. Im 30+ though so...
New Posts  All Forums: