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right this minute
I wonder, in general, how much difference small differences (e.g., 10 degrees celsius) in washing temperature between recommended and actual really makes? Ive washed linen pants and OL´s raw silk shirts on 40, while 30 is the recommended. Didn't seem to matter much in those cases (esp. not for the linen). Really dislike to have to save a few fragile items for 30 degrees...
^I was lifting in a johnny cash tshirt the other day, felt correct. I find dri fit shirts "slippery" for squats though, like the bar is about to slide off your back.
Le Laboureur grey wool jacket. Already have one in brown...
^^ Fun though, I have a pair of ancient swedish military/naval pants that look extremely similar, but made in a stiff sail cloth. Could never find a way to wear those.
black paraboot michel for my autumnal goth/nutty professor look
Slightly unsure about the large buttons?
^^ thats a really good weight at that fat %. Im 6´4 and 195 ish (approaching 200), and cant loose that stomach fat. Downside of being 30 + perhaps (need Fujis appetite suppressants)
^^ great, thanks! any noticeable womans wear stores?
im going to copenhagen on thursday, what should I do/see?
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