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^^ Jacket looks superb. You can always wear dark pants with it, easier.
Nothing wrong at all with the "bagginess". The blazer is a bit small/ up-tight in comparison though. But it works.
going through the highly archaic ritual of nailing my PhD thesis to a wall raw silk OL shirt linen Oscar Jacobson pants vans
Sorry to geek in on this, but seriously use R instead if you want do do anything semi complicated.
OL raw silk shirt and a black OL 1950s shirt in a coarse linen/cotton mix which doesn't seem to be online yet. They have really gotten good at fabrics.
Never, comfort is number one.
monty don seriously though, he looks amazing and know his gardens.
MOK, that must be the best version of the birks an loose pants yet, looks fantastic. Does anyone comment that you dress like Monty Don? (need some of his jackets...)
Caveat, I would probably just wear it as it is for a while. The sleeves are obviously long on the model pic aswell, so it the shoulders fit it can look good. If anything, id think about tailoring the pants, but I would also just wear those as they are for a while, perhaps with a cuff/roll.
Ghost, how did you size the OL shirt? I tried it on a couple of weeks ago but found the fit confusing. Very cheap on sale though...
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