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^^ looks ok, no idea about quality, the fabric sidepanels are sort of meaningless. Red Wing has nice chukkas with that look minus the fabric, probably alot better quality.
Those issues could be addressed by conducting studies with enough participants (and with a reasonable selection strategy) though, allowing both generalization about average effects and mapping of individual differences , but I get the feeling that there isnt much funding for doing that type of studies....Fuji, there are huge amounts of online shit about R as you probably know, but you might like this book, uses R and WinBugs (which I dont know though) for multi level...
Just a point to remember here, 8 subjects (even with repeated measures) are probably grossly under-powered to generate precise estimates, especially about return to baseline. In general, drawing conclusions based on lack of significance "returning to baseline values within 24h (P> 0.05)" is incorrect.
^^thanks guys! Yea thats exactly what I want to avoid, a short/slim fit with designs that are intended to be oversized. Im around 6´4/195lb, but even then a 25 pit to pit and 35 length is very loose/long for a jacket, so if there are no weird construction details (e.g., very narrow sleeves/high armholes), it should work, but who knows...
how should one approach YY sizing, say from ebay? For example, this piece http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yohji-Yamamoto-Pour-Homme-black-long-jacket-/331384529357?pt=UK_Men_s_Coats_Jackets&hash=item4d280ea1cd looks very nice to me. Its marked a S but going by the measures, it looks like it would be a long a pretty loose fit on me as well (who usually is an XL in typical brands). Would it work, or would it mess up the whole look? I.e., how faithful should one be to the original...
Well, similar to most heavy leather soled boots I´d say. So, not flexibly out the box.
^^ please post a fit with the whole suit
Around 250$ with shipping. Good price I think, especially given the degree of customization that is possible (actually getting responses on emails and so on was the difficult part). Still, not the most comfortable boots ive worn (no insole/heel padding, double leather sole with a thin-ish rubber top), but they have gotten alot better with wear.
Re Shoreman, http://www.williamlennon.co.uk/footwear/78-tug-of-war-boots.html minus the horseshoe heel, + rubber sole, lined + black grain leather (after a series of emails). Very "rugged" and difficult to break in. I like them but time will tell if they´ll ever get really comfortable. Paul T wrote a cool piece about them http://loomstate.blogspot.se/2011/11/william-lennon-factory-stoney-middleton.html
woolrich woolen mills scarf OL coat EG workshirt (no vis) Magee cords (navy if not obvious) William Lennon boots (grain leather)
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