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OL black drill shirt
I just moved to Switzerland from stockholm for work/post doc, its confusing. Hope you end up in a good spot!
Some years it never does, but usually some weeks in August are warm. Last summer was very warm, >80F for several months, but that was the warmest summer in 100 + years. But people def adjust to it, alot of shorts worn as soon as >70F.
Really no fan of Filippa K, but this coat looks great to me, like the length and the buttoning style.
^^ Thanks! The guy with the EG workshirt is probably the closest to how i´d look, but it would still be better with darker pants... Perhaps there are some good MHL styles doing it..
^^ which H&M line is that?
^^ Mil. green seems easier though than typical khaki hues. Perhaps I should just try to die the pants dark gray or something..
Unrelated thought, I have a bunch of chinos/khakis in typical khaki colors that fit well and are good quality. However, Ive been almost only beem dressing in dark colors the last years, so I cant find a good way to wear them. Any pics of people sucessfully combining black/dark navy/dark gray with khaki pants?
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