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Read and finished Moby Dick, thought it was pretty fantastic, but sure enough a somewhat heavy read (im also pretty into whaling, got "In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex" together with Moby Dick). Felt very 1800s style wise.
^^ Do you have any recommendations for good british moleskin trousers/makers? I have a forest green pair from Gurteen that are so heavy that I often get too warm indoors are can skip long-johns when its -10 c .... Wouldnt mind some nice black ones.
Thanks! Heavy (british) moleskin and cord is my winter staples! I can definitely recommend the low waist straight legged Le Laboureur cords (heaviest fabric ive encountered) for winter.
Are casual wool pants a good idea? Tried on the OL "tweed" ones today, which fit great but felt slightly itchy. What worries me most is how they´ll deal with winter winds, hate the idea of some icy winds blowing straight through them (given the looseish nature of non-felted wool fabrics) in January.... advice?
^^ Lindahls now also have lactose free kvarg in those really cheap 0.5 kg packets, best yet. As slightly lactose sensitive, i otherwise find that cottage cheese is fine for the most part, but kvarg (and whey!) is too much.
le laboreur moleskin OL pants ancient red wings (a bit unsure about the black + reddish brown combo...?)
simplest possible boiled wool sweater in charcoal also made to order black grain leather boots from William & Lennon, most serious boots ive seen.
right this minute
I wonder, in general, how much difference small differences (e.g., 10 degrees celsius) in washing temperature between recommended and actual really makes? Ive washed linen pants and OL´s raw silk shirts on 40, while 30 is the recommended. Didn't seem to matter much in those cases (esp. not for the linen). Really dislike to have to save a few fragile items for 30 degrees...
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