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love parts of the F/W collection, especially these trousers
Agreed. I own 4 or 5 pairs with the classic footbed, and I regularly take long walks in them with no ill effects. Love birks, year after year (wearing this moment, at work..)
you will probably have better luck if you search for an A-2 flight jacket , or variations thereof
Conceptionist, I think the very contrasting sole makes them difficult if anything. You can get a cobbler (or diy) to darken it. Apart from that I would imagine they┬┤d look good with most black trousers.
wouldnt that suit make more sense if the jacket was longer and slim? Now the jacket looks pretty boxy and pants very slim.
I was today wondering if a super unstructured black linen "suit" would be ok for my own wedding. Just need to propose first...
^^ but do you have a Nature cover?
who doesn't...
repost OL coat (on sale, but sure) hm tee dockers pleated relaxed fit vans
your dad sounds awesome!
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