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^^ what calorie tracker do you use, and are you weighing all food? I should track calories, at least approximatly...
Would be really cool and useful to have several models modeling the same piece. Must be some software solution available for that? I have afriend that works at Looklet that i think do something like that (https://looklet.com/) but a bit unclear for me. Models really never give me any idea of how something fits, 6┬┤3 models in size medium, and im like "the measurements look kinda small for an XL..."
gitman shirt ol shorts random 5 panel filson + kl├Ąttermusen
FHB jacket via Manufactum, made in this insanly heavy and dense cottonfabric called "english leather". http://www.manufactum.com/fhb-mens-english-leather-jacket-p1521796/?a=67143&c=193631 + some new black birkenstock arizonas
reminded me i need to do the same for my relaxed salt wash shorts. Really really like them, perfect fit and nice texture. Not i just need a dressier pair as well..
^^ could also be cool with some plain/low profile derbies. Or sandals..
^^ looks good (surely better than tan), but do you actually "need" it in any sense? dont see it on uk ebay..
am I the only one to think that all the Synth pieces on their own are awsome, but look way too matchy together? The jacket + pants with perfectly matching patches could be some lil wayne type idea..
speaking of cities, im pretty surprised about how much I like Zurich after living here around five months. The city typically comes in high in these "best cities to live in" -lists, and I must agree that it has something to it. The country feels pretty racist and shut off, but the city itself is so clean and beautiful. I can get to the lake for swimming in 10-15 minutes, and 40 mintutes takes me to the Alps. Feels a little like living in a museum. Still like Stockholm...
that OC jacket looks horrible (imo of course)
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