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^^ good choice. I have the same jacket, like it alot. But my favourite is probably the linen/cotton mix summer jacket.
^favourite Cotton Dockers fit of all time
embracing my inner teen... sineater tee filson bag OL saltwash shorts birks
ThaiToast makes me wish I was really slim. To be able to wear that elegant voluminous shit, and high rise trousers...
hearing about peoples dress codes makes me really appriciate academia. Today im wearing a black metal tshirt, black shorts and black Birks..
I just commited (i.e., one day..) to pseudo leangains/intermittant fasting, with the purpose of weightloss while keeping muscle. Anyone tried it?
^^ speaking of stretching shoes, anyone had success doing that at home? Ive tried it at cobblers before but it has typically not worked that well, but perhaps I could be more brutal and persistent doing it myself.
Apart for the point about the socks (obviously white socks though), this is imo the opposite of how one (I..) "should" think about "streetwear". Why should the shirt be tight and the cuffs neat? Its supposed to be casual after all.
^^ really would like to see that with loose black pants instead... or some huge faded denims
cant we get a SW&D specific instagram ? I followed during the japan trip, but then unfollwed when absolutely bombarded with menswear from Pitti..
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