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ultimate gym song though
wish Bean would make this with a shoulder strap http://global.llbean.com/shop/Hunters-Tote-Bag%2C-Zip-Top/38534.html .really good gym bag in black.
makes me miss doing deadlifts alot, typical lifting soundtrack for me.
extra suitable this year
True. My problem is rather that I have very square feet/toes, so anything pointy is out (otherwise I would def have gotten the Postman shoes by now). I would ideally wear square toed shoes... But the Beckmans (IR last) in a "true to size" (brannock) fit well and snug with an insole.
^^ same. Or perhaps I could size down a half size size, but no halfsizes offered > 12. That said, the iron ranger last is pretty long in my usual shoe size, like 1-2.5 cm longer than other shoes/boots I own. Not much to do about that though.
^^as I understand it, Hartmann did most of the piano arrangements +wrote alot of the music. I think that it really has some unique quality..
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_de_Hartmann amazing music, very intriguing background to it.
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