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Caveat, I would probably just wear it as it is for a while. The sleeves are obviously long on the model pic aswell, so it the shoulders fit it can look good. If anything, id think about tailoring the pants, but I would also just wear those as they are for a while, perhaps with a cuff/roll.
Ghost, how did you size the OL shirt? I tried it on a couple of weeks ago but found the fit confusing. Very cheap on sale though...
arizona in smooth black leather, i.e, summer goth
ExAngel, that look is obviously "played out", but I think it depends how you´d wear it.
^^ Thanks. Actually, I already have a pair from H&M which I were a lot, but I don't like the feel really..
where can I get black linen shorts in a good quality? Its too warm in stockholm right now, cant handle it.
our legacy le laboureur vans + Margaret Howell, but only own one item
i bought a pair of the black chinos in L/50, and Im usually a 34. So these are more or less true to size .
ManOfKent, excellent ! What type are those howell (mhl?) trousers? This season?
The Jumbo shirt fits large and loose. Im usually an XL in OL shirts, tried the L and the XL in the jumbo. The L fit fine, but I got the feeling that it perhaps was not meant to be sized down. The XL was very long.
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