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as a European/swede I have no idea about how much "one plate" is. 20 kg, so 3 plates would be 140kg?
deadlift 440 + bench 225 + squat ? publish high impact papers
(need to clean, yes..)Just got it, against all expectations it turned out slightly too small (esp. over the shoulders) in a size I expected to be pretty big (54). Its really nice otherwise, reasonable fit, really heavy fabric,lined with canvas, looks good (except the buttons). Think I will return it for a larger size since I want a comfortable fit. Pretty sure it will be boxy though...
Thanks! Reason I asked was that I could feel my old "low bar" pattern of movement taking over a bit, especially at slightly heavier weights (100kg+) and I really want to avoid the whole good morning -esque squat technique.
no not really, although I quit in relation to a varicocele surgery that kept me for lifting a month or so. I mostly got tired about not really making any progress, and felt a bit off technically. Have been doing deadlifts pretty exclusively for "legs" since.
I did squats today for perhaps the first time in 8-12 months, plan to transfer to high bar with squat shoes from low bar. It was disgusting, even on weights that were really easy/light and I know tomorrow will be one of those days where you struggle to sit down on the toilet... Cues for knee position for high bar in contrast to the sit back -low bar style?
I cant understand how someone like Kunk fits into fashion brands (like EG, insanely narrow shoulders in an XL). Slightly related, I just discovered the comfort of basic baggy long sleeve teeĀ“s (ala Gildan) in XL. Makes me want to drop collared shirts.
^^ will do, and agree. I hope it fits so I can wear it as a jacket with some layering, but it might as well be huge/short. I know the fabric is great atleast.
Exactly this still. Should add that long coats and black cord are important ingredients as well.
ordered this german workwear cord jacket in an insanely heavy cord fabric (will likely exchange the buttons). Chances that it fits are pretty low though... (not my pics) http://be-cause-blog.com/2013/09/24/fhb-corduroy-walzwaltz-jacket/
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