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a friend had some Klättermusen pants that didnt look too bad.
^^ strong name/content synergy. Re: workwear vs fashion, its really nice to wear stuff in robust fabrics. But you dont need to look like the classic miner for that to be the case.
looking at the table in the end, it seems like MJ+SJ have larger values on several measures (but its not obvious if they actually compare bewtween groups there, just relative baseline), and lack of sig difference is just lack of power..
anything that is less "fashion-y"? Think Manufactum
im going to be in NYC, circa time square for four nights. Work centered, so probably not that much time to travel longer distances. Is there anything nice around there, or tourist hell?
^^Let me know if you see something good. I have some from lands end that are decent (but obviously questionable quality) and some from Le Laboreur with good quality but difficult cut... I would not mind these for the european peasant flair.. http://www.manufactum.com/german-craftsmans-triple-twined-thread-corduroy-pants-p1464919/?a=78223
H&M tee and shorts Meindl hiking boots Fjällräven backpack
MoK, have you found any black cords you like? Seems like the trad british makers dont really do black, which is a shame..
just participating.. natural indigo scarf Le Laboreur cotton/linen Gitman vintage shirt ancient LVC 37 (8 years or so) vans
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