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^^ please post a fit with the whole suit
Around 250$ with shipping. Good price I think, especially given the degree of customization that is possible (actually getting responses on emails and so on was the difficult part). Still, not the most comfortable boots ive worn (no insole/heel padding, double leather sole with a thin-ish rubber top), but they have gotten alot better with wear.
Re Shoreman, http://www.williamlennon.co.uk/footwear/78-tug-of-war-boots.html minus the horseshoe heel, + rubber sole, lined + black grain leather (after a series of emails). Very "rugged" and difficult to break in. I like them but time will tell if they┬┤ll ever get really comfortable. Paul T wrote a cool piece about them http://loomstate.blogspot.se/2011/11/william-lennon-factory-stoney-middleton.html
woolrich woolen mills scarf OL coat EG workshirt (no vis) Magee cords (navy if not obvious) William Lennon boots (grain leather)
first, convert it to a data.framethenwhatyouwantor in matrix formatDataset[which(Dataset[,2]=='value'),2]
thanks, doing my post doc at the Department of Economics in Zurich.
Le Laboureur OL Le Laboureur (pants too warm for 4 degrees celsius, serious weight..) Paraboot
if you are using R for statistics (rather than say signal or image processing), why would you need Matlab? I need to (re)learn matlab for using SPM though...
^^ Agreed, dont see any back flare at all..
I was encouraged by a power lifter dude at the gym to try some singles for the deadlift, which I never do usually. Ended up doing a pretty easy 170kg/375lb personal best. Not at all a huge weight obviously, but very fun still! The same guy promised to make me a program to put me at 200 kg/440 lb in January, will see how that goes...
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