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I wonder on which forum the same guy posts pics of white guys in skirts and dramatic coats...
OL shetland trousers
Both look fantastic imo, keep.
^^dont you have an insane chest measurerment? I think my chest (lats) measure around 45" and I usually wear XLs.
^^ plackets are different. Fit wise they are pretty similar, possibly the 40s shirt is a bit longer in the same size.
I have the same size in OL (shirts and sweatshirts, coats and longsleeve tees one size up) as in Gitman shirts (XL). The Gitman fits wider and worse than OL, less tapered and slightly more narrow shoulders. Im somewhere around H4wks measurments, and 6ยด4.
Get on the loose fit trousers train. I think OL trousers would work for you as well.On another note, I weighted 197lb yesterday, have a feeling I look like a fatter/older version of Conceptionist..
"unlike" button needed asap.
Im not read up the research, but this article http://www.leangains.com/2010/07/truth-about-alcohol-fat-loss-and-muscle.html claim " The negative effects of alcohol on testosterone and recovery has been grossly exaggerated by the fitness mainstream. Excluding very high acute alcohol consumption, or prolonged and daily consumption, the effect is non-significant and unlikely to affect muscle gains or training adaptations negatively. * The effect of alcohol on muscle protein...
everything is OL
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