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Rick I think? If right, only Rick piece Ive ever liked.
no vis of the most textured fit I´ve worn in a long time. FHB cord Gitman black poplin shirt (no vis) OL tweed pants Blundstone Klättermusen bag
^It has some sort of pattern, just so you know.
Re academic bragging I have around 10 papers published, most as first author (just got one accepted in a really good journal yesterday). Psych/cognitive neuroscience Most of my lifts suck though.
^^extremly weird with the pockets. You sure the pocket bags are not behind the lining? I have three OL coats from various seasons that are practical and good quality.
FHB (insanly heavy) cord jacket OL denim shirt helly hansen fleece old edwin blundstone
havent worn any jeans for many months, and just tried some old ones on. Slim non-stretch jeans are the most uncomfortable pants imaginable
Yea sure, but the point with the study I linked was more that peoples expectations based on "marketing" scale activity in expected utility - related areas.
Guess you havent seen the studies with live snakes /spiders in the scanner room then
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