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le laboreur cotton/linen OL compact cotton long sleeve tee OL chinos vans
where to get this in Europe? I need to cut and have no dicipline for starvation mode/feelings.
Fjällräven LVC Vans
^Cool, took a bus from there if I remember correctly.
^^ Looks fantastic. Where on the Hebrideans is it woven?
So good...
^^ Hadnt listened to Cave for a long time, but now "the weeping song" has been on constant repeat (easy 80 times) since yesterday. Pretty fantastic. Getting drunk with death/Blixa
redc2, do you have a blog about clothes/fashion?
So, on this high frequency side of things: you "could" do upper/lower *3 (= 6 days a week) without any problems, given a suitable level of intensity? I wonder if thats "better" than push/pull/legs the same amout of days? Wouldnt mind doing deads 3 times a week really.
FHB jacket OL overdyed plaid OL pants Paraboot
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