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There are never any surprises in MH collections though right? Just variations of the same thing, isnt that sort of the point.
old town linen, ol shirt, dockers, vans ol poly coat, hm tee, dockers, vans
^^ I havent handled either, but like the look of the SEH Kelly one more + they seem to be a fantastic brand.
^^ äsch, not true. But sure, they are not beautiful per se, but more like an European luxury tank of black horse leather.
re black derbies, I was tempted by these cordovan Dinkelackers. They are very heavy (and pricey) though. http://www.heinrich-dinkelacker.de/kollektion/master.html Of the ones posted, i´d go for the Trickers.
^^ sad that Kano went for "uk hiphop" instead of the nice style on his first cd.
great from UK (stormzy is my grime/uk rap favourite though)
Soap&Skin, new discovery for me
^^ what are the shoes? I want some slightly dressy, loose shorts, black linen. And some sort of headwear/hat, but really unclear what Otherwise im pretty set, black Old Town linen jacket, linen pants, black light weight derbies/birks.
^^ differ alot in fabric and quality. My gf has a pair in some stretchy fabric that seems to be indestructible. Never found any I´d like for myself though.
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