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@kindofyoung the loafers looks pretty good, but is Vagabond really worth the money...? re: red wing postmans - they have pretty nice leather, thick and supple. I would have gotten them a long time ago if they werent too tapered for my foot shape. RW in general is good for leather quality imo (if you compare to "fashion brands" )
^^ or just get Stan Ray fatigues, or vintage from ebay..
Yea, I think a slighty different look would be easier, something with straight wool/drill pants. Like Howell/MHL, but that is a personal preference. Basically, dont get tight jeans and long/tapered boots..
Wow. I would go for wider pants and less elongated shoe lasts..
This thread just gets weirder and weirder, which is an achivement for what was already one of the strangest here.
@Cotton Dockers that whole slightly more relaxed and dark style looks good on you.
@ManofKent how do you like that peacoat-esque jacket? It looks quite odd to my eye, the shortness and slimness makes me think "high street mall brand". Sorry
^^ get something other than jeans, like EG wool/moleskin pants...
fucked up both the proportions and the color in the photo.. Old Town scotish scarf Manufactum/FHB wide wale cords RW Filson bag
^^ Both are really cool, prefer sober work-MoK to japanese hippie MoK
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