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Lorcan, really like your take on the whole japanese/eg "workwear" thing. You make it look natural and easy.
MHL trousers from ebay
my god son came to visit we saw butterlflies and sharks
MoK, really nice! Black trousers might have been cool.
^^ Agreed. I think differnt colored pants (dark navy?) would work better. The coat in itself is great though.
OL coat Lee Blundstone EG chambray (no vis) really wish the coat was longer though...
this is so good
low pass filter editionOL coatOL shirtsilly Hope pantsvanskl├Ąttermusen bagshirt texture [[SPOILER]] pant texture [[SPOILER]]
^^ You own them? Any good?
got these Buttero┬┤s. Suppose to be black, will see irl how they look.
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