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^I was lifting in a johnny cash tshirt the other day, felt correct. I find dri fit shirts "slippery" for squats though, like the bar is about to slide off your back.
Le Laboureur grey wool jacket. Already have one in brown...
^^ Fun though, I have a pair of ancient swedish military/naval pants that look extremely similar, but made in a stiff sail cloth. Could never find a way to wear those.
black paraboot michel for my autumnal goth/nutty professor look
Slightly unsure about the large buttons?
^^ thats a really good weight at that fat %. Im 6ยด4 and 195 ish (approaching 200), and cant loose that stomach fat. Downside of being 30 + perhaps (need Fujis appetite suppressants)
^^ great, thanks! any noticeable womans wear stores?
im going to copenhagen on thursday, what should I do/see?
Boom, phd acquired (in black OL shirt, black linen pants, vans).
defending my thesis tomorrow, shit is sort of scary. Planning to tackle that by wearing comfy black OL silk shirt and some equally comfy pants, wonder if that will be considered academic sacrilege .
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