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but then his legs might look too short.
wild at heart? with nicholas cage?
I like the coat even though its seems quite short. But I have to say that I really think that the trousers are nothing special and I dont think the fabrics interact well. No offence intended though.
I'm dreadfully sorry. I promise I'll return it immediately.
Come on lasbar. You know they could've won if they wanted to. They were just playing it smart...they knew that if they beat the kiwis they wouldnt be leaving that stadium alive. Seriously though he is the man even if they didnt take home the trophy.
goodness...what was that all about?
dont tell me you're going to wear those bloody flip flops with your gorgeous yellow socks
Pliny the proportions look way out in the photo but its just the stupid Iphone camera. From the photo it looks really elongated from the laces forward, but its just smoke and mirrors and the shoe's proportions are quite normal looking.From the photo I know exactly what you mean though.
Very nice indeed. Great patina.
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