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What's up with this line? I understand Warehouse, APC, Samurai, etc, but I cannot seem to get a straight answer on these things. Are they all produced on narrow looms and selvedge denim? More specifically, my mom was looking to get a really nice woman's denim jacket and she fell in love with the capital e slim classic trucker jacket, but the salesman was hopelessly inept. We are heading up to the Denim Bar to gte something tomorrow, would anybody here recommend...
You, sir, are amazing. Your posts are informative and enlightening.
JPGM I'm right there with you bro. Pre-med exam schedule is insane. On the bright side, you look way cooler than I do while studying. I've just been wearing an AA hoodie, boat shoes and gym shorts in the library for the past week. It sucks.
Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.
The fit as of a few weeks ago: And fit like this after all shrinking was done (multiple hot soaks): They take forever to fade, so prepare to get dedicated for a long time.
They actually run about two sizes small if I'm not mistaken.
All bitterly true....
I'm in college, as well. To me, being a student is like having a blank check to dress however you damn well please and get away with it. If you're a sperry, polo and chino shorts kind of guy, wear that. If you want to wear vans, a pair of skulls and a cool hoodie, then do that. If you want to dress like a field worker in levi's and a flannel, you should do that. It's probably the only time in your life that you will be able to dress *exactly* as you'd like and not be...
Samurai, Flat Head, Imperial, Dior, Levi's, *very few* Studio D'artisans.
He said that he wanted a straight leg. Both of those are bootcut. I think that the RB 11 or KMW 1980/1950 would be right up your alley. Possibly even a pair of SDA 101's or 103's.
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