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I've helped quite a few people in the denim forums here and on superfuture with my extensive knowledge of jeans, but now I need your help! I've seen far too many people who thought they knew what they were doing get ripped off in the denim world, and I would rather that did not happen to me. I am starting a new job as a host/server and need help picking up some slightly slim button-up shirts, ties and khakis. I am completely clueless on how to do this. It is for the...
Good question.
So what's up with Clarks? Are they good shoes?
This is a joke?
Hey, just got a job waiting tables at a country club down the street. They are pretty damn laid back, and I am working in the bar area. The dress is pretty casual and basically amounts to me wearing kakis, a collared shirt, socks and some form of non-athletic shoe. Up until now, I have only purchased sneakers, boat shoes and really nice dress shoes. None of these are appropriate for the dressed-down, yet formal environment. Maybe something from Clarks would be...
I wish that I was brave enough to give my sams a charred affect like that! I think that it adds quite a bit of character to the jeans (not that a pair of nudies need much more character ). I want a full shot, as well. Very cool looking. Interested in seeing how it will fade
1. 45 RPM 2. Warehouse 1001 3. (I need a pair of sneakers, but I have spent the last 6 months trying to find the right pair. I still haven't made a move.)
A dry 501 is capable of going out of style? News to me.
LVC 505 or 1955 501 come to mind.
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