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I think that you're all wrong. The guys chiming in with their skin-tight fits just look mildly ridiculous. The male fomr is not one complimented by tight jeans. They should be fairly straight down from your hips. The town kids with their sloopy looking boot-cuts and oversized jeans are wrong for different reasons. There's no reason to wear jeans that fit like a dress. Why doesn't everyone find a middle ground and wear jeans that fit like any other pair of pants? ...
Yeah, some guy recently asked why I did not wear boot-cut jeans. I replied that I did not wear boots or heels like a woman. I was told that I did not 'get it.'
It's gotten to the point where I can't even buy my brother a pair of plus sized 501's. He's afraid that they are so 'tight' that people will think that he is gay or emo for not wearing boot-cut and relaxed fit AF... It's disgusting. Instead, he just wears gym shorts and oversized hoodies even though he is the most athletic person I have ever met in my entire life. Such a waste. It's like McCarthyism but with jeans. Totally irrational fear-mongering and homogeny.
Just reading through this thread has left me so disgusted with the human race.
They will not fade and they are pre washed.
They're not stf jeans... Any dry denim wll go through the same change as a Nudie pair, but at varying degrees. I suggest returning the Olas if you want to see a lot of change, as they are produced with denim which does not seem to fade very well. They are not very bootcut, either. The Regular Ralph is a much better option as far as the fade is concerned. You may want to look into some other brands found at and IMO, the japanese...
Sans the cap: Really need some kind of a trim.
lowery, I honestly think that you would look better with jeans, but that's as good as it gets with shorts. PG, way to represent the other over-6 footers! 34" inseams just don't cut it, and I am now a loyal, Samurai-only customer. They produce every cut and type of denim that I could ever want, anways. I'm 6'6" Yes, that's a toothbrush. I multitask. I'm also a big fan of simplicity: Thrift thermal AA Samurai 5000VX 3 year old Sperry Two homages to a few of my...
Probably my favorite jeans ever, the inseam just wasn't long enough. Such an amazing color and fade... BUY THEM! The price is really great for what they are, too.
Samurai 5000 VX It's a 66 501 cut. Very nice. The 2010 is good, too, but they dont seem to fade much at all... Consequence of the natural indigo.
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