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45 RPM, Warehouse and Samurai.
Everything Omegablogger says is correct, as odd as it sounds. You look a little better in you 'random' photos than in your posted ones. You have an odd sense of style and a hard time with color combinations and proper fits. If you spend a few months going through the WYWT's on this forum and the one on superfuture (http://supertalk.superfuture.com/showthread.php?t=2233) you may have an easier time finding something you like. I'm interested in how you turn out. Keep us...
May I also say that your avatar is creepy as hell.
Hm. I'll begin by saying that I do find your reasoning rather prolix and discursive. I have no problem with the length of your hair. The cut is extremely lame, and the way that you have brushed it is odd. The flares on the back are feminine and ugly, as a previous poster hinted at. The jeans are oversized and flared at the hip in a dramatic way. The wash is also very poor, and the distressing is distractingly bad. The shirt that you are wearing is poorly cut,...
Quote: Originally Posted by nvizible Hi, Earlier today I was wearing: Visible stuff: Jeans, Shirt (bought it this morning - it's the only shirt I own!), Belt. Hidden stuff: white t-shirt under shirt, shoes. Please tell me what you all think. - Ciao ciao, - me. This is absolutely terrible. The jeans are disgusting looking and fit miserably. The shirt is very blouse-y and poorly tucked in. You need a different...
Yes, the slimness would be an issue. I hope that they are cut very slim in the torso. The shoulders could be broad, though.
What a great deal! Thank you Kiya. Your generosity knows no bounds.
I'm getting the Bedford, as well. How much is an XL?
You'll be looking at the 003's or 006's. The 005 is extremely tight. Do you like a lot (and I mean a ton) of irregularities and slub in your denim? A dark color? If so, go for the 3's. If you want a lighter color, normal fade and faster gratification, go for the 006. They're a great brand and a great value. Get them through Blueingreensoho.com
Quote: Hi -- I'm a tall (6'5), somewhat youthful 40-something guy looking for new jeans to try. The main issues for me in jeans are: (1.) a full rise, more or less (2.) a 36in inseam (36in waist) (3.) a straight leg style (overly muscular legs here) (4.) a not baggy/not tight fit. Wear jeans for work (media) so need something of good quality that I can dress up or down. Currently wear J. Crew, which aren't bad for fit but looking to upgrade a bit. In the $150...
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