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If it's all the same to you, I would go straight for a pair of the Sorahikos. I prefer the fit, denim, hardware, cutomer service, color, brand, longevity and fades of 45 RPM... I prefer the Sugarcane price, though It should be noted, however, that both jeans are nice and have great color falling samples floating around the internet.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet those dirty whites are pretty nice, american rag has kohzo too was kind of shocked picked up a raf jacket today, the top layer is real thin cotton through which you can see the plaid underneath Where did this come from, and how much was it?
That's what Sidney has been doing! That is fascinating!
Bobo- Great summer look! What jeans are those? '47s? Superb fit on those, and I'm loving the way that all of the colors and styles fit together so nicely. As Sauce pointed out, the only things that I would change are the sandals. Bold choice, and the right color, but I'm just not a fan.
I also live in South Carolina, but I dont pretend that Urban Outfitters, Hollister, brightly-graphiced Converse and a "Members Only" jacket are fashion forward. The fact that you are not wearing jeans is neither here nor there. Lowery seems to rarely wear jeans anymore, but consistantly pulls off a very nice style. It seems as if you reached into a bag one day and pulled out random pieces with which to construct an outfit. Nothing quite goes together or fits properly. ...
I don't really think that anyone will care as long as you do not make false claims or hold false beliefs about the quality of the Sevens. You can do whatever you want, especially if you are not asking or looking for advice about the purchase.
I'm not a fan of any of the pieces, your expression or your remarks that you LOVE IT and are LOL'ing. You're going very backwards in fashion.
Thank you for the understanding nyf. I am very tall and well built because of a healthy diet and lifestyle. I'm not ematiated or looking for a skin-tight fit, just something that does not have a ton of extra fabric around my abdomen, but is an XL.
I have very broad shoulders and a thin waist. My ideal AA shirt is an XL chest and lengh combined with a L torso. I'm also 6'6", so sizing down is not really an option.
I find AA to be a little too big for me, and I was wondering if there were any dependable brands with a slightly slimmer cut. Any links that you could provide would be really helpful.
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