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Beside the aesthetic reason of showing off selvage? Does it serve a practical purpose. I know this is a really well understood question by all here, but I just feel like I'm missing something.
Ande Whalls?
For all those considering the Whalls, Ande is one of the nicest (and prompt!) retailers I have ever spoken to. Just do it and support this kind of guy.
Well than it is done. This Ande is extraordinary. Does anyone know where to find a picture of somebody wearing the Cougar model? I've searched everywhere but to no avail.
Wow! I never expected to get so many replies so quickly. Now just a few thing I want to be sure of before I pull the trigger on this. Will the Whalls fade and wear just as well as the Nudies and are these suggestions being made with the buyer's interest at heart or soley in support of Ande?
Should I buy and invest the next year of my life into Ande Whall Cougars, APC Rescues or Nudie RRDS? I'm also a 32 waist with a 34 inseam looking for a straight, regular fit cut.
Armani Code- If I just want a very unassuming woody smell that isn't stuffy. I also like the bottle a lot. I guess I'm a sucker for that kind of slick design. Creed GIT - If I want to make a bit of a statement with my cologne.
I still have a Tommy Hilfiger wallet that I bought near the beginning of 8th grade in 1999, and I think it's time for a change. I see some pretty cool wear patterns on a lot of the jeans here and was looking for a good, solid brand under $60 (or more if that is more important than I realize). The ones I have now are so wide that they don't make a defined square in my pocket, they just make the entire pocket larger. Tips and recommendations, please.
How much (ballpark if necessary) for a shipment of RRDS or APC Rescues with size 32/33 waist and 34 inseam straight cut to Charleston, South Carolina?
Stick to that size for now, but also consider working on your shoulders in the future.
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