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That is so far off of what he wants. You should get the Nando X Nando by 45 RPM. Poly is selling them here: I suggest that you buy them from him immediately because of his awesomeness.
Match the stage personality of a slutty, white-trash girl?
I disagree with the notion that anyone should have to own/wear certain things in order to intelligently critique an outfit. College students preparing to go/pay for med school (no catharsis here...), for instance, cannot afford the time, risk or money to purchase their ideal clothes, but they still may have an opinion worth listening to. Taste, a broad knowledge-base and an ability to articulate a well thought out critisism are miles ahead of a steady stream of WYWN photos.
I would consider selling the 5EPs and saving up for a pair of 19cm Diors. The denim isn't stellar, but the cut is perfect.
Extremely decent of you, sir.
I wish that I could find that Bedford in the low 200s... It looks incredible.
HA I wouldn't let my sister wear something that looked like that, l;et alone advise a man to purchase them!
Slim Jims are made with a broken twill? I am dumbfounded. The orange stitching makes more sense, though.
Your wranglers are really nice looking...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug You'd probably like the Studio D'artisan 103. It sounds right up your alley actually. Really nice textured japanese denim, and the fit seems pretty much exactly what you described. You also might like the Eternal 811 which is about a medium rise, with a slightly slim straight leg and some incredible looking denim/color. Samurais are great to as it sounds like you'd really like the s5000 or s500. Just talk to gordon or...
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