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I didn't know a single person in college who was the least bit more popular for having a 360. The opposit, in fact. It distracts you from your studies, as well.
You're going to college? Are you sure that you don't need a pair of 45 RPMs or Samurai jeans? You also need a good hoodie. I wore a hoodie and Samurais every day of winter, and I loved it. With the money, I suggest: 45 RPM Sorahikos AA Hoodie Vans AA Shirts White slim-fit Brooks Brother's non-iron shirt You're pretty much done with all of your basics after that.
Well then I stand corrected.
They use open-ended warp and weft threads, their indigo is not 100% pure, no chainstitch, cheap hardware, no hidden rivets, thin belt loops, and cheap washes. The value is terrible. They are a 'lifestyle' brand, plain and simple.
Wow. I'm totally with you in the 'dry denim as art' aspect of those. The only problem with nailing them to the wall is denying them front and back representation. Why limit them to either the front or back? You have to find a way to show off both sides.
Those are Corpus! Good choice Ms. Diaz. That is how a lady should wear jeans. Perfect amount of stacking, as well. If you guys run another story championing the return of bell-bottoms for girls, I'll be pissed.
I'm not a huge fan of the flared out hem.
Hip flare whould not exist in an appreciable way. You should wear the waist of your jeans on your hips. Those are far too high.
Ralph thighs + Slim Jim leg... I'm pretty sure that he 'meant' to put Regular Ralph.
Where are 55 Canes $450? The article was decent for the brands that they mentioned (with the exception if RMC, etc). I'm guessing that Self Edge and BiG fed them a few good ones.
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