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Can anyone explain the "Blue Line Personal Tailoring" option? Would this allow you to have properly fitting sleeves if the OTR Napoli sleeves are ~1.5" too short? I am very tall and have long arms.
Well that's unfortunate because I liked the way the rest of the suit fit. Are the sleeves typically this short because of the functional button holes? Based on some measurements I've just done based on the photos, it does look like I would probably need ~2 inches of sleeve in order to get a good fit. Any recommendations for similar suits at or below this price range where I wouldn't have such an issue with sleeve length?
Hi guys. I went to the SS store and tried on the Napoli in 40 L. I am roughly 6'5" with relatively broad shoulders and long arms. I've only purchased one suit in the past, and it is a 42L. Could someone critique the fit? I am obviously very concerned about the sleeve length, but the sales associate said that they could lengthen the sleeves by ~3/4". Does that seem like it will be enough? He was able to resolve the bunching in the back without too much...
Quote: Originally Posted by pgoat If I made more $ I'd definitely scout out a good cleaners to do my shirts. The few I've used in Manhattan have destroyed my buttons. Luckily they were on older, less expensive shirts. I'd recommend always giving your least-treasured garments over to a new establishment; once they've earned your trust you can make with the T&As. I do find ironing therapeutic, but my two biggest problems are 1. If I wait till there...
Why would you take a brief-case?
1000xx denim is consistantly ranked #1 in Japanese votes on the best-fading denim. It is probably the most underrated of the 'popular' brands here.
He is talking about the R inside of a circle on the tag, not a "repro" R on the inside of the front button.
Warehouse, Samurai and 45 RPM are all relatively equal as far as denim quality is concerned, with differences between the three being highly subjective. PBJ and Sugar Cane are (sort of) "novelty jeans," imo.
Samurai 5000 VX.
'mentality to which it appeals' Well said. That can be expanded to many things in life.
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