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Quote: Originally Posted by PaulYAY ^ those are nice. They look like they fall somewhere between Gentlemen Travellers and Alden Pitt boots, in the range of Wings and Horns Service boots perhaps. I'm thinking about 'at what point (and defined by what characteristics) do work boots become desirable to non-laborers and those who might be self conscious about looking like one?'. lol. Maybe someone else can expand on this. Hmmmm, well, everyone...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo I found communicating with the Viberg people frustrating to the point of not pursuing a custom order. My inquiries, by way of a few e-mails, were answered by three different people with varying degrees of brevity/lack of attentiveness to what I was asking. They're great on the telephone and in person, but as with lots of old-world manufacturers they're terrible with their online presence. Definitely gruff...
Price on my customs was the same as the 4HM collab. The 4HMs have the advantage of you being able to try them on ahead of time though, and they look fantastic as well. Most of their non-fashiony stuff is $300-500, though occasionally if you're in there they have odds and ends that you can get for ultra cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by Curious_George Those are fantastic. I like them a lot more than any pair of White's semi-dress I've seen (which I think would be the closest comparable boot). The toebox looks a little sleeker compared to the normal Bobcat, however. Did you have that modified somehow? Yes, they're built on the 110 last, not the 36 last which the Bobcat uses. AFAIK they use the 110 for their Cruiser logger, and their Oxfords (I own...
To everyone complaining about the price... what are you, in high school? Quality wise, they're worth every penny. Sure there's some diminishing returns between a $300 boot and a $600 boot, but that's the way it is with everything. Those 4Horsemen boots are amazing, I've seen them in person. They're too narrow for me, but I had some custom boots made by Viberg for me instead. Essentially they're bobcats on their 110 last (same as on one of their loggers and their...
My Vibergs after a few months use. This is after giving them some love, but they need a whole lot more polishing.
Those look awesome. And are pretty similar in look to what I got them to make me custom (though I used the 110 last, which is a bit wider for my ridiculously wide feet). Might have to come by and try on a pair, but 4HM always has too much other tempting shit!
Quote: Originally Posted by Made in California this one looks more like what someone who didn't know how to dress, or rather someone who wasn't confident in how to dress, would wear to a nightclub. Very unadventurous. If by "nightclub" then you mean a Twilight book signing to pick up teenage vampire enthusiasts, then yeah, I agree.
Quote: Originally Posted by outbreakm Who makes these boots and what model is it? They're custom Vibergs. They're awesome to deal with. Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy how much did they cost u Yuppie? After taxes $650CDN. Pretty inexpensive for all the specs I had, and their 110 last is ridiculously comfortable on my hard-to-fit feet.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet damn i been wanting some uniqlo socks for awhile now, usually restock once a year i hate when they lose their elasticity but I just throw them out at that point ...or you could just wash them cold and hang them to dry.
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