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cool looking shirt, free bump nonetheless
do these fit around the same or smaller than regular polo? (non-purple label)
Not really digging the new format, and also how each item is individually posted. Actually prefer how it was before.
Anyone need an invite? Found out a way: but apparently only works with gmail accounts
Waist is a 31. Bought these off of ebay and they fit a little slimmer than my liking. I am 5'-10" and they come down to just above the knee. Trying to just recover what I paid. $30 + $5 shipping = $35 shipped. Like new condition. Thanks for looking SF! measurements posted: Waist: 16" Rise: 10" Inseam: 9" obviously shorts were straightened out for measurements
definitely subscribing to this thread
bump for sale
great transaction with brianpore and maineratheart
picture of the dell? my gf needs a laptop
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