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I'm really keen on buying the 28" upright duffle bag from Briggs & Riley. Finding a retailer that delivers to Australia is another issue... it's proving to be quite a pain. Anyway, the reason for my post - I came across the following site whilst searching for an online shop. Found their comments interesting considering all the reviews / posts I find on this forum and across the web has been positive. Does anyone else have anything bad to say about the...
have found that most of the Smythson passport wallets will hold two comfortably.
sealed well in a waterproof bag, under the rocks / sand / debris in a large fishtank.....with some nasty looking fish in there. even better if it was an outdoor pond full of scum. the more unappealing it looks the better.
Australian/British glad I have the British one, definitely gives alot of freedom. I am looking for a dual passport holder also
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