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Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt Not unless Coach has taken to selling counterfeit bags at their retail stores. I found a vintage Tusting bag in great condition on ebay for 1/10th of what was paid for the Coach bag. It's handmade in England and the quality difference from the made in China or wherever Coach bag is immense. The materials are much higher quality, let alone the craftsmanship. I guess others may have had their own experience, but from my...
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt I wouldn't buy ANY Coach bag. Quality is below inferior. I received one as a gift and it started falling apart after less than a year's worth of use. I did not abuse the bag. It simply couldn't hold up to daily use. Waste of money. Was it counterfeit?
Quote: Originally Posted by cimabue A favorite sweater from Ireland was devoured. Found some holes in trousers and a couple jackets. Never had a problem with moths till this year. Li'l basturds. Might be a rug I bought. Could be carpet beetles. I had a huge problem with them when I was 21 and moved into a carpeted apartment in the ghetto.
It depends. You'll have to ask your tailor. But in my experience, the answer is probably yes. In contrast, opening the seams and recutting is probably too expensive to be worthwhile, unless you're wearing $200+ shirts.
ebay + a good tailor. Seriously. I'm 6'5", 195, and I live in Toronto. There's nothing to be had in the stores. I've found a couple of shirts at HM that fit ok, and a couple from RW & Co that were ok-ish, but far too boxy (had my tailor add darts for $10 each, and they're much better now). Indochino is a great option at our size, although it's pretty hit or miss (you'll likely need remakes). Apart from that, I have a closet full of BB, Corin, and Zegna jackets that...
Darts cost like $10. That's the biggest pro ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by qertw Hey everyone, I'm looking for someone to alter some shirts and possibly pants (waist on the shirts to make them look slimmer and make some pants look slimmer as well). Would I be better off going Alians, or one of the bigger shops (Robert Jones, Tip Top if necessary, Gotstyle, Walter Beauchamp, Sydneys, Tom's Place, House off Salgado, etc.) for good quality and reasonable prices? Basically, if its going to cost me...
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Awareness. As you mature, you stop with the stupid trendy shit and start trending towards the classic, time tested stuff. Generally. Some people never realize how stupid they look. Case in point, the owner of Abercrombie: For the record, A&F is a publicly traded company (ANF on the NYSE).
So I noticed one of the two screws attaching the buckle of my favorite briefcase fell out. It happened outside, so finding it is impossible. Is there any hope of finding a replacement? Where would I even look? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
The pick stitching is the only thing holding the canvas in the lapel in place. It's done by machine, but it's really only evident if you look at the backside of the lapel. I've had a jacket made with pickstitching, and a jacket without that I had my tailor pick stitch for me (this is not cheap, since it's done by hand). Without looking closely, they don't look that different, to be honest. If you aren't looking to spend much, I would just have IC do the pick stitching.
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