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Prices dropped again.
Another large drop - priced to clear.
Further drop and thread bump.
All prices dropped and thread bumped.
Bump with price drop. Going on long vacation next week and would like some of these gone by then so willing to hear reasonable offers.
Here's a pair of Lindberg Acetanium hybrid frames that I bought speculatively but that aren't quite right for me. You get the best of both worlds with these; the look of Acetate and the temple and nosepad adjustability and flexibility of Titanium frames. Simply take these to your optician to have prescription lenses made and to have the frames fitted for your face. Of course they can also be made in to (prescription or otherwise) sunglasses. Thse are ex-display frames...
One more drop on the remaining pair.
Bump with another price drop.
Prices reduced.
Final price reductions on these.
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