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Another bump and price reduction. 3 more pairs and lens height measurements.
SALT Optics Ollie.Similar dimensions with regards to lens width and bridge but less clunky/more refined:
Prices lowered even further.
Bump and another price reduction.
Withdrawn for the time being.
All prices reduced.
Just purchased a job lot of Tom Davies frames to try and the following are not suitable for me. Like the previous pairs I've sold here, they're new apart from being tried on and are still fitted with the original plain demo lenses. They may however have small signs of handling, like faint micro-scratches to the Acetate, which would be hard to notice and could be polished out by your optician if required. Most come with their original folding hard cases and some also with...
Gah, if only you'd kept the sizes rolling up to an 11.5...Suppose I should also ask, for future reference, but do you ship internationally at all (London, UK)?
Final price drop.
Final price drop on the remaining pairs.
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