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Final price reduction on these. Now being offered at around 1/3 of retail price.
One more price reduction.
All prices dropped and thread bumped.
Price reduced further.
New pair added and prices further reduced.
Bump and price reduction.
A new pair of SALT Optics sunglasses for sale - purchased to try but are a little on the small side for me. The sunglasses are brand new, apart from being tried on and come complete with their original soft case. They're in a lovely 'Root Beer' shade of Brown and feature a very unique looking 'cross-hatch' pattern within the Acetate. The lenses are in Brown and are Polarized, so are especially useful for driving etc. SALT Optics are an independent USA-based company, with...
Another price drop.
Another bump and price reduction. 3 more pairs and lens height measurements.
SALT Optics Ollie.Similar dimensions with regards to lens width and bridge but less clunky/more refined:http://www.saltoptics.com/detail.php?categoryid=1&id=109&pageindex=30&orderby=3
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