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Price drop on the final pair, to clear.
Here are a few more pairs of SALT Optics frames for sale that are unsuitable for me. Like the previous pairs I've sold here, they're unused apart from being tried on and are typically still fitted with the original plain demo lenses. As they are usually 'ex-display', there may be some small signs of handling, like faint micro-scratches to the Acetate etc. All come with their original cases and some also with a microfibre cleaning cloth, as pictured. Simply take these...
Final price reduction on these. Now being offered at around 1/3 of retail price.
One more price reduction.
All prices dropped and thread bumped.
Price reduced further.
New pair added and prices further reduced.
Bump and price reduction.
A new pair of SALT Optics sunglasses for sale - purchased to try but are a little on the small side for me. The sunglasses are brand new, apart from being tried on and come complete with their original soft case. They're in a lovely 'Root Beer' shade of Brown and feature a very unique looking 'cross-hatch' pattern within the Acetate. The lenses are in Brown and are Polarized, so are especially useful for driving etc. SALT Optics are an independent USA-based company, with...
Another price drop.
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