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Manufactured under license by Safilo.I've no experience of them first-hand though so can't comment with any qualification but I would go out on a limb and say, as with almost all 'high-end Designer' brand frames/sunglasses manufactured by one of the major optical companies, the retail price will not be commensurate with their quality.
Prices revised + thread bumped.
All prices revised + thread bumped.
All prices revised + thread bumped.
Some prices revised + thread bumped.
For about Tom Ford money, I'd instead buy a pair of SALT Optics 'Harlan' (also available as optical frames).These are in hand-made Acetate & Titanium, have Polarised lenses and they're are a slightly squared off shape, which I prefer (akin to Ray Ban model RB4190).http://www.saltoptics.com/detail.php?categoryid=2&id=218&pageindex=15&orderby=1Or, if you prefer the classic look, go for the originals (although I have no personal experience with Shuron so can't attest to their...
I hate to break it to you but modern Ray Ban (Luxottica) quality is bad enough, especially for the price but I'm afraid Tom Ford (manufactured under license by Marcolin) provides even worse value, considering their outrageous and completed unjustified retail cost.Also, don't buy the "Made in Italy" labeling on either - it's widely thought that only the parts assembly takes place there.There are much higher quality products available from independent brands out there for...
I see what you mean, although, to be fair, there's nothing particularly outstanding to single that brand out from many others in their price range.Glasses sliding down your nose would tend to indicate a poorly fitting frame, or a badly adjusted one.A skilled optician has quite a few methods at their disposal to fine tune the fit to ensure comfort and stability but a correctly sized frame (especially with regards to bridge width, overall width and temple length) is...
No problem but the rimless recommendation was really for pocketsquareguy, who was after something similar to his previous pair.If you must have nose-pads, then the majority of your choices will be metal frames (although not exclusively; several companies (Lindberg, Prodesign to name two) offer either 'Plastic' ranges with integrated pads or can factory fit pads upon ordering. Many opticians can also custom fit pads, although some skill is required to do this.)The O&X/Kio...
You need look no further than Lindberg's Spirit 2000 range, if you're after high-quality, minimal, rimless frames.---Think you're going to need to include a few more details (material, shape etc.) to get any useful responses.
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