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Prices further reduced.
Now reduced. These are now at over $200 off Lindberg authorised dealer prices.
Just 2 pairs left. Prices reduced for final time, to clear.
Unless the Clark family have recently sold their shares, I believe it's still a British company, head-quartered in Somerset.http://www.clarks.co.uk/historyandheritage_inthebeginning
SALT Optics Turley aren't too far removed.
There's a new pair in Tortoiseshell on ebay at the moment.Item number: 271481713789.
Appear to be a pair of Mykitas (from the hinge detail on the temple), although not from the current collection (going by the website).
Prices reduced on final 3 pairs. Currently marked at around 1/3rd of the typical retail price.
Manufactured by Fidela, in France.Quality and attention to detail are high, although their designs are not for everyone.http://www.bugatti-eyewear.com/uk/index.html
Picked up a few Lindberg frames in a liquidation sale and here are some of those that either don't work for me or are similar to pairs I already own. These are from the very latest collection and include a pair from the just released 9700 strip range, which aren't in most stores yet. (I may also be able to get my hands on a few more models, so let me know if you're after a particular pair/style.) Like the previous pairs I've sold here, they're brand new apart from being...
New Posts  All Forums: