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Updated with more prices reduced.
More price drops.
I own both and feel that the Jinks are the better warm weather shoe, more so for vacation use; sleeker in both profile and weight.They're nicer on than photos suggest too and have a 'Dandier' look when worn sock-less, especially with linen pants or smarter shorts.Without pant length to take focus away from some of their bulk (wrt toe width and sole thickness), the Desert shoes (London/Khan) as well as the boots can come off as rather clumpy.I still generally prefer a nice...
Appear to be Oliver Peoples (via Luxottica) NDG-1 in Storm (OV5031 - 4261).Something like those would suit your face shape and eyebrow profile although the width of your face and the distance between your eyes would also play a part.I would add that other (independent) companies do this style just as well, at a similar price-point and with higher quality.
Manufactured under license by Safilo.I've no experience of them first-hand though so can't comment with any qualification but I would go out on a limb and say, as with almost all 'high-end Designer' brand frames/sunglasses manufactured by one of the major optical companies, the retail price will not be commensurate with their quality.
Prices revised + thread bumped.
All prices revised + thread bumped.
All prices revised + thread bumped.
Some prices revised + thread bumped.
For about Tom Ford money, I'd instead buy a pair of SALT Optics 'Harlan' (also available as optical frames).These are in hand-made Acetate & Titanium, have Polarised lenses and they're are a slightly squared off shape, which I prefer (akin to Ray Ban model RB4190).http://www.saltoptics.com/detail.php?categoryid=2&id=218&pageindex=15&orderby=1Or, if you prefer the classic look, go for the originals (although I have no personal experience with Shuron so can't attest to their...
New Posts  All Forums: