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Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Really digging both Tom Ford glasses but won't buy them without trying them on. God luck selling them. Some decent modelled photos of both frames here: http://www.irisoptical.co.uk/Tom-For...rame-6354.html http://www.irisoptical.co.uk/Tom-For...rame-7124.html Thread updated and prices reduced again.
More price drops - on all frames - see above.
Quote: Originally Posted by newmember2010 FREE BUMP BTW guys i did not take it so i assume it is still available. THIS IS ONE HECK OF A DEAL!!!! Tas almost saved me 4,000 USD with this for a golf bag... THIS IS THE REAL DEAL, someone better take this off his hands...75 british pounds is WAY TO GOOD OF A DEAL. He seems like a real cool dude too cause he went out of his way to help me track down a bag at the bally store cause I am not from the UK......
Further reduced prices.
Quote: Originally Posted by newmember2010 Ill take it assuming it can be used on the bally golf bag. I live in the US but will be heading to london sometime in the near future. Please let me know. I am quite interested. That was close - Was going to use this today but never got a chance to do any shopping. Had postponed until Sunday. The letter states that it can be used on anything in store so assuming they sell the Golf bag, it should...
Prices reduced - see above.
[size="4"][b]Very last price reduction on this - heading to Bond Street on Friday so if this isn't gone by then, will use it myself.
I've got a few more pairs of frames which were purchased recently to try out but which aren't working for me hence are up for sale. Like the previous pairs I've sold here, they're new apart from being tried on and are fitted with plain demo lenses. Simply take them to your optician or send them to an online glazing company to have prescription lenses made and fitted. Items ship from London, UK and would arrive in the UK the day after dispatch. Shipping elsewhere...
Price drop on this - now just £75.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff get it written that it can be used overseas in USA stores and i will pay you your requested amount Pretty sure that won't be possible, sorry.
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