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Final price reduction.
No worries -- PM me when you're set.
I'd be willing to do this for you - it's no major hassle for me really, with the post office a couple of minutes away.
Kelsos (and Selkirks) are fantastic value when purchased at recent close-out prices (under £200) especially as AS will now charge at least £400 to make you a 'Made To Order' Veldt (by special request). Very limited range of sizes left around though. They make a nice change from the brogued boots that everyone and his dog is wearing at the moment too.
(This is a stock photo and there are a load of other images of these online which will represent these boots better than any photos I take) ======================================== Model: Cesar Colour: Chocolate Brownie dip dye Buffalino leather Size: UK 11 / US 12 Retail price: USD $555 Made in Italy Just received these and tried them on indoors for under 5 minutes but they're not right for me. As such they're as new, complete in the retail box with dust bag,...
Posted in wrong section, sorry.
Just had a look at these in Aldo's Neal Street branch, as well as a bunch of Grensons a few doors down in the Natural Shoe Store. I have to say that the manufacturing standard of the Mr B's looked surprisingly good. The sole work (albeit Blake stitched rather than Goodyear welted) appeared more refined than on the Grenson boots. However, as mentioned above, I found the leather was somewhat lacking; being pretty thin, somewhat stiff and with too much of a 'painted on'...
A further price reduction.
Can anybody help with ID'ing these boots, as worn by Hugh Jackman in London a few weeks ago? Note the relatively low profile toe box, minimal cap toe detail and single, wide lacing hook.
Another price reduction.
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