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Price reduction and bump.
Pretty good - Manufactured by Rodenstock.Nothing special but some nice finishes (at least on previous Ti models).Usually to be found at a discount online but beware as fakes have become more abundant.
Bump with significant price reduction.
I have a few pairs of Lindberg Sunglasses available which were part of a F1 magazine promotion for the Monaco GP. I kept a pair for myself but the below ones either didn't quite work for me or where too similar to pairs already owned. They're brand new and unused apart from being tried on for a couple of minutes and include the original folding magnetic hard case and drawstring Microfibre bag. Typical retail price on these is around $600 and they are never...
Price reduced.
About as comfortable as nose-pads get and with 6 variations (size/material/profile) to get it just right.As usual though, it's important to get the nose-pad arms properly adjusted, to reduce any pressure points, however a little redness is often quite hard to avoid after a full day of wear, depending on the weight of your lenses.
Have another pair of SALT Optics eyeglass frames that I've just picked up but which have proven unsuitable for me. They're brand new and unused apart from being tried on for a couple of minutes but do not include the original case. --- SALT Optics are an independent USA-based company, with products manufactured by hand in Japan. If you're used to mass-produced 'designer' eyeglass frames, these will be a very pleasant surprise, utilising greater quality materials, hinges...
Picked up a few Lindberg frames in a liquidation sale and here are some of those that either don't work for me or are similar to pairs I already own. They're brand new apart from being tried on and are still fitted with the original plain demo lenses. They come without their original folding hard cases however these are readily available from Lindberg dealers for about $15-20. Simply take these to your optician or send them to an online glazing company to have...
Bump and another price reduction
Bump and another price reduction
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