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Can you at least give the option to use the old layout?
Quote: Originally Posted by Grug Been growing my hair out since November last year, it's only just starting to get past the 'no mans land' length where it looks terrible no matter what you do. sup brah, didn't know you posted on here too.
jeli op
I tried this recently and my hair is already much softer. If anyone else does it, what's the best amount of time to keep it in before washing?
Sup brah, I'm 18 and going to uni also, no kid but similiar situation. For you I'd say just get some sperrys and some polo shirts and nice khakis, Fit is more important than brand tbh, and if money is tight, then don't go and buy top of the line shit now, you don't need it. fuck didn't notice age of thread
WHy does every pair in the last 2 pages look like shit?
Lol wut? Athletic
Was 8 at the time, so pokemon t-shirts
Shirts are fake.
Pay for College
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