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I, too, wish for leads to magistas, kind sir(s).
can anyone recommend other EU sites for BHM kobes?
is it redundant to get a black calf 2010 dr when i already have a black lamb qdr? or should i go with olive lamb instead? thoughts? opinions? /rants?
tracking yesterday. bcdr from start of june. don't freak out guys, it only makes it worse.
+1 for weekender
PM'd you
Sochi arktos qs up on caliroots for anyone looking
price drop on account of town bidness. http://www.styleforum.net/t/375652/price-drop-toj-2011-moto-dark-brown-goat-w-silver-hardware
anyone with calf suede jackets and standard lamb able to comment on thickness difference between the two? trying to decide if i should adjust measurements (assuming my other jacket is not already under construction)
payment sent 7/2. awkward pose is awkward. and bonus from b/s/t
New Posts  All Forums: