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is it redundant to get a black calf 2010 dr when i already have a black lamb qdr? or should i go with olive lamb instead? thoughts? opinions? /rants?
tracking yesterday. bcdr from start of june. don't freak out guys, it only makes it worse.
+1 for weekender
PM'd you
Sochi arktos qs up on caliroots for anyone looking
price drop on account of town bidness. http://www.styleforum.net/t/375652/price-drop-toj-2011-moto-dark-brown-goat-w-silver-hardware
anyone with calf suede jackets and standard lamb able to comment on thickness difference between the two? trying to decide if i should adjust measurements (assuming my other jacket is not already under construction)
payment sent 7/2. awkward pose is awkward. and bonus from b/s/t
still have this 2011 moto in dark brown goat for sale http://www.styleforum.net/t/375652/toj-2011-moto-dark-brown-goat-w-silver-hardware open to trades for 2010dr in 48
Got this from marketplace but have come to terms with the fact that the shoulders on this are too narrow for me. Measurements (inches): shoulder: 17 p2p: 21 midsection: 19 waist: 20 front length: 22 sleeve length: 24 sleeve width: 7.5 elbow width: 7 cuff: 5.5 The dark brown goat really does appear borderline black, with hints of brown in the sunlight. Silver hardware gives the jacket a nice pop as well. The leather is light, with a texture somewhere between lamb and...
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