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I'm going to say that the tucking is bad here. Let it hang out. It's a scarf, not an ascot.
Made sense when I read it too.ipitythefool - tie is a PRL
Shirtsleeves! [[SPOILER]] HF- angle on the collar still look bad to you?
looking at the MSDS of NXT there are a couple of ingredients I would avoid The silicones/silanes POLY(DIMETHYLSILOXANE) SILOXANES AND SILICONES, DI-ME, [[[3-[(2-AMINOETHYL)AMINO]PROPYL]DIMETHOXYSILYL]OXY]-TERMI NATED and the "ceramic" CERAMIC MATERIALS AND WARES, CHEMICALS Everything else is pretty standard in shoe polishes, stoddard solvent, petroleum distillates. The "non hazardous" ingredients on the list are probably the actual wax. Carnuba or something...
I believe the correct term is "moose knuckle"
Not to derail this thread again with beer commentary, but what part of the world do you live in where you can get natty light bottles?
is there some sort of higher-end wrangler out there? I see some European friends wearing some that appear to be of nicer quality (in terms of wash, etc.) but not here.
What's your budget?First I would say APC new standard and then just wash end - levis 501 or gap straight. Both are nearly identical in measurements, with the gap straight having a lower rise. Closer to the APCs.
I'm not sure that's the case, at least from the side shot. There appears to be flesh in that that was awkwardly worded, but whatever.
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