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I'm a svelte 190, but I'm 6'4". I also suffer from the Cyclist Thigh&trade, which tends to mean that I can't fit into slimmer jeans that fit me in the waist. Physically I look like I'm wearing jeggings in most slimmer jeans. It sucks. It may also be that these jeans need to be washed and have gotten a little baggy in the knee.
Chapter 6: In which b_u tempts comments from acecow about his sportcoat. edit: SC is navy, not black
Orangish for Halloween.
Low post day. Snow keeping the east coast crowd quiet apparently...
also jcrew
I'm going to say that the tucking is bad here. Let it hang out. It's a scarf, not an ascot.
Made sense when I read it too.ipitythefool - tie is a PRL
Shirtsleeves! [[SPOILER]] HF- angle on the collar still look bad to you?
looking at the MSDS of NXT there are a couple of ingredients I would avoid The silicones/silanes POLY(DIMETHYLSILOXANE) SILOXANES AND SILICONES, DI-ME, [[[3-[(2-AMINOETHYL)AMINO]PROPYL]DIMETHOXYSILYL]OXY]-TERMI NATED and the "ceramic" CERAMIC MATERIALS AND WARES, CHEMICALS Everything else is pretty standard in shoe polishes, stoddard solvent, petroleum distillates. The "non hazardous" ingredients on the list are probably the actual wax. Carnuba or something...
I believe the correct term is "moose knuckle"
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