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Great. Had to time this post spoo...
Most everything seemed good here, and I know SF says "buy suit, look good," but you sound like you just got out of college. Do you need a suit? In the current work environment (clothing wise) you're better off buying sport coats. More useful. You can wear a sport coat in a business casual environment and not look like a douche.
I do have a recurring sleeve issue and I do need longer sleeves. I am getting ready to remedy this in the near future, MTM shirts here I come, but don't want to trash my existing shirt wardrobe.I agree that there's nothing "wrong" here, just not great.I agree with this. I like my coat sleeves to cover my wrist.To sum up, "Wear to dive bar and spill beer on this coat. Not the nice one we think you should get."
Winter is coming. But seriously, I'm trying to decide if the fit on this peacoat is any good. This was a pre-sf purchase when I wasn't as fit conscious as I am now. Keep? Toss? Burn in effigy? (though burning wool smells kinda bad)
The worst part of those shoes is the disturbingly human-skin color to them. Yow.
I'm a svelte 190, but I'm 6'4". I also suffer from the Cyclist Thigh&trade, which tends to mean that I can't fit into slimmer jeans that fit me in the waist. Physically I look like I'm wearing jeggings in most slimmer jeans. It sucks. It may also be that these jeans need to be washed and have gotten a little baggy in the knee.
Chapter 6: In which b_u tempts comments from acecow about his sportcoat. edit: SC is navy, not black
Orangish for Halloween.
Low post day. Snow keeping the east coast crowd quiet apparently...
also jcrew
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