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too rich for my blood. Hamilton Khaki handwind.
A little selvedge, cashmere, and beer. And I appear to be wearing nearly the same thing as Mr. K, except the shoes.
They look like this IRL (in real light?). Thought there was enough difference there, but I agree that there wasn't much contrast, especially in that image.
shoulders may be too wide. Too bad, I like the blazer otherwise.
ask milecargo
Robo Collage edit: massive photo bucket upload fail... [[SPOILER]]
The fits here are great, but what I want to know is what saves this one from looking like an orphaned suit jacket with jeans? I like this and think it looks fine, but what is is about this that makes it OK? Edumacate me.
THere is something oddly comforting about finding out that the dog in your old avatar is apparently your actual dog. Nice. Great Dane FTW.
New Posts  All Forums: