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^ Yes, but they're kept carefully concealed behind your buttons...
My guess would be a Lamy Safari pen.Possibly fountain.
It's sad that until f.c. posted the batsense video, I thought that was a scene from Reign of Fire.A fantastic movie. Wait. no.
x-post from MC WAYWRN, and perhaps a bit pedestrian for all here, but I love this watch. My first "real watch" and one I wear nearly every day.
I want to like this.I do like this.But the hat, the beard, and the plaid checks run close leprechaun-ville. To close to a self-referential parody without any irony. Or maybe there is and I'm just missing it.
western approved link
likley a little long, but we'll need better photos overall. SF approval is a single easy break in uncuffed pants. And is this suit black? I hope not.
too rich for my blood. Hamilton Khaki handwind.
A little selvedge, cashmere, and beer. And I appear to be wearing nearly the same thing as Mr. K, except the shoes.
They look like this IRL (in real light?). Thought there was enough difference there, but I agree that there wasn't much contrast, especially in that image.
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