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They're actually dark brown.The breast wallet is green pebble grain.
to quote NOBD
Cold enough for the tweed. and some pebble grain courtesy of Ron
SF should have what you're looking for. Pretty good psych wards and frequent and judicious need for the sweater.
she's apparently got knitted fingerless gloves. So at least emo.
Can I get a ruling on the unbuttoned cardigan? I usually wear it under a sport coat. Also not sure why the fading on the jeans is coming out super highlighted. I blame photoshop color correction.
Overall images were f'd. So all we got is the closeup. I recall some hate for red pocket squares.
Wait. I'm going to take this back. This tie looks great because it's proportional to the rest of your fit. A more loose, classical american-type fit. UC doesn't rock this fit and the tie looks disproportional on him.
o/o smackdown. ouch. I concede.
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