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Thanks! The sweater is navy and the stripes are shades of blue. Black would be a bad choice here.
Well, if you're going to rip on someone's fit, you gotta drop one of your own to get ripped on. I've basically stopped wearing any of my striped sweaters since joining SF. I put them on, look at them, and then bail for a solid. But today I though hey, why not. Outfit for early T-giving with the grandparents (approaching 95 and still cranking).
this would fit better in the normal WAYWRN-thread
In principle this should work, but the fit seems off. It looks like the jacket is trying to run away from your neck. I think this was mentioned in the normal WAYWRN thread as the collar gap.I also second the color scheme, but I think if the fit was better, the color scheme would be less of an issue.edit: jeans, shirt and shoes are great though. Good choice on the extra button.
You should really read more. Red pants are quite the thing...link
Glad it's returnable cause that's kill it with fire horrible.Haven't quite gotten the patchwork tweed/jacket thing.
meh. Sure, but not really feeling them. Now if they were suede, potential for SF and blog-approval.
Also, hopefully vox was not in the path of the murderous beer truck. link
I think this means he streaked the game.edit - wow posted this before I saw the old school link. Crap.
Diamonds are sharp and tear the crap out of your bum.
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