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Glad it's returnable cause that's kill it with fire horrible.Haven't quite gotten the patchwork tweed/jacket thing.
meh. Sure, but not really feeling them. Now if they were suede, potential for SF and blog-approval.
Also, hopefully vox was not in the path of the murderous beer truck. link
I think this means he streaked the game.edit - wow posted this before I saw the old school link. Crap.
Diamonds are sharp and tear the crap out of your bum.
especially since i noticed the pink pant comment.
nice scarf. You appear to be suffering from the "jodhpur thigh."
keep the pants. As far as I've seen eason only owns black stuff and white t-shirts.
so is the bag really 2K then, or just 1.8K? considering insurance.
'Cause I'm an engineer, and we need pens. At all times.And putting it in your shirt pocket is so passe.
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