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OK, good enough then. Batch 3: Plaids. Typically not a lot of love on the fora, but whatever.
Batch 3: Mostly stripes. The wavy-striped one has a key pattern in the stripe that doesn't show up as well as a self-stripe that you can see if you look real hard.
So why toss the first one on the left? (Actually thought the yellow one would get the most hate).
Ha! Ok. I actually kinda liked the one to the left of the kenneth cole monstrosity, but it's over 4 in wide...Batch 2: Stripes. Now, I'm not getting rid of the 3rd from the left (PhD university colors), but thoughts are appreciated.
what I really want to know is why he spray-painted a pair of strands...Look at the welt. Crazy.
So I'm going to necro this post (though not that necro) to enage in a little tie culling myself. I've got some post t-giving time and someone broke the window out of my car so I'm stuck here until the repair guy gets here. I'll post them in batches. So, first batch. All of these I'm planning on dumping, but I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing any jewel in the rough.
Alden 911. Nearly every time I wear them, someone says "nice shoes." Put a light mirror shine on the toe. I'll see if I can get reasonable pics sometime soon, but until then: Image lifted straight from ben silver.
fountain or otherwise? Bottle or cartridge? Fine or Bold?
Off to t giving at the inlaws!
I think he means the scarf.TB - lay off the puffer hate! Loved these jackets since I saw an American werewolf in London.Not a fan of the angled zipper, but otherwise this is great. Are those jeans or chinos?
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