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The seem a bit tight in the crotchal region Also, denim has a color and that isn't it. Neither is red or green. You'd be better off with colored chinos if you want to go the highly colored route.
No. brown is awesome.see in praise of brown for more information
This should really be: "why does Yoox hate tall people?" Has anyone ever seen any SC (Italian) in long? Do they just not exist. I keep pining for a boglioli but they're always too short! Augh!
Gonna have to second this. Wild.
I was a pirate for Halloween a few years ago. I assume that counts, just as valid as the yale connotation. If you wander up this thread a little more there's some serious esoteric tie discussion, I keep hoping it will show up again.
Still look spray painted.But besides, most people wear theseso, in some sense why should we care that people comment on our shoes?
I usually put buffalo check under a sweater with a SC and jeans type of thing. Or SC and flannels. The one in the middle is a missoni, I bought a couple a few years ago and have a soft spot for the jags.
OK Batch 4: Other. I'll probably keep these regardless of what anyone says, but interested in your thoughts anyway. The buffalo check on the right is pretty heavy wool that doesn't show up in the pic.
OK, good enough then. Batch 3: Plaids. Typically not a lot of love on the fora, but whatever.
Batch 3: Mostly stripes. The wavy-striped one has a key pattern in the stripe that doesn't show up as well as a self-stripe that you can see if you look real hard.
New Posts  All Forums: