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F*kin A that's science hardcore.
As an engineer, i'll ignore that.But i think you mean NASA.
I would assume the company.
Conservative? Pshaw. Wait. Knit tie probably kills the conservative part
Catholic schoolboys in the US wear khakis and blue shirts a lot. Those shoes are kinda atrocious, they cheap? If not, there are better options while retaining that rustic kind of feel. I think the floral shirt would be a mistake here. Take a cue from the model, white shirt maybe, or a stripe.
Zoo day with the daughter. And yes, shorts. It's 95 out.
Summer daytime wedding 3. Jacket is not my favorite of any suit i own. Little tight through the shoulder and chest.
I think the critical point here is that there are only a few occasions where substituting different pants for the navy ones wouldn't make the outfit look better.
BB is better quality. Jcrew has it beat on price,, unless you get a good BB sale. Both fit similarly. Jcrew might be slightly narrower through the leg.
New Posts  All Forums: