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Managed to get a actual photo today. Sorta summer fall mix here.
The first few pages of this thread are fantastic. http://www.styleforum.net/t/214649/culling-neckties-new-ties-added/0_40
It feels like the photographic equivalent of typing in all caps. I'm a quieter guy than that.
Apparently carshots is all I've got right now. Anybody know how to post smaller images in tapatalk?
\They'll charge you a "surprise fee" so, really, everyone ends up happy.
Last screaming throes of summer Lighter khaki below.
While I do not own said shoes, I feel that color 8 seems to work well when black shoes would be appropriate.
Only the first 30 have anything interesting. As usual.
Good god. Apparently Iphone shots while stuck in traffic attempt to focus behind you. I promise to do better.
Carshot for the win.
New Posts  All Forums: