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To pile on, do you really want feedback? My guess is that following feedback here will likely require you to give away or sell everything in that picture.You might be able to keep the suit. Goldish ties with jaquardy patterns don't get much love here. The shoes look like a womens'-wear interpretation of mens shoes.
The overwhelming representation of teh buttodndown on Team America make me happy. (even on the expats).
Friday Challenge x-post
America F*ck Yeah.Nothing says america like suburbia. [[SPOILER]]
that shirt is a disaster.
LE herringbones? Did you do anything drastic in the tailoring dept?
Ecru shirt? I always find this hard to pair. [[SPOILER]]
Aren't chaps, by definition, assless? Otherwise they'd just be leather pants.
This is a Hart Schaffner Marx sportcoat, so maybe we can all ask Jefferyd to design them with a slightly lower buttoning point.Consider this a cry for help.
That is a problem magnified by height and somewhat low-waisted trousers (HY italy) another inch of rise would probably fix this. This was a definite upward angle on the camera so that isn't helping.Pretty much all RTW in my price range seems to have somewhat high buttoning points.
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