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Huzzah.... ?
This is, of course, the place where we say post pic and we will judge that. I thought I was a 42 long for decades (well, 1.5 decades)
My interpretation of this is that most women apparently use visual cues as only part of the attractiveness equation whereas men use visual cues much much more. The take home: We are dressing for other men.
My gay men straight men though is apparently wrong.
PhD 101: google > other search engines for initial unfocused lit searches. Especially in social science. Theres another, but i have to do these 1 at a time from the phone.
The only study i found doing a quick search indicated that men have a strong consensus on attractiveness and there was little consensus with women. I wonder if straight men and gay men would have a consensus on male attractiveness...
There's probably a study where straight women and gay men rate attractiveness of men. Would be interesting if there was a correlation. I would assume that there would be.
Androgeneity/feminism in mens fashion icons, or whatever, isn't exactly a new thing (thank you david bowie et. al). But it never really catches on in the mainstream, regardless of what scifi tells us, the unisex jumpsuit of the future just never really shows up. The last few hundred year or so of menswear has kinda been pushing around the margins rather than massive shifts. Skirts, for example, still not all that popular for guys in western societies. Massive...
There was an interesting observation that most of the Thom Browne inspired suits in brooksbrothers lineup now skew towards looking like womens-wear suits on male models. This is probably enhanced by the model selection for the pictures. A good example is this fit (observation and pic from ivy style) this is not a good look and the fit would probably get reamed on waywrn. maybe. The point of this was to push back against T, that there is some absolutisms in menswear...
Nope. A wedding would tend to require a shepherd's check, glen plaid, or houndstooth. That tie is objectively bad.
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