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The overwhelming representation of teh buttodndown on Team America make me happy. (even on the expats).
Friday Challenge x-post
America F*ck Yeah.Nothing says america like suburbia. [[SPOILER]]
that shirt is a disaster.
LE herringbones? Did you do anything drastic in the tailoring dept?
Ecru shirt? I always find this hard to pair. [[SPOILER]]
Aren't chaps, by definition, assless? Otherwise they'd just be leather pants.
This is a Hart Schaffner Marx sportcoat, so maybe we can all ask Jefferyd to design them with a slightly lower buttoning point.Consider this a cry for help.
That is a problem magnified by height and somewhat low-waisted trousers (HY italy) another inch of rise would probably fix this. This was a definite upward angle on the camera so that isn't helping.Pretty much all RTW in my price range seems to have somewhat high buttoning points.
Managed to get a actual photo today. Sorta summer fall mix here.
New Posts  All Forums: