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I think this is PS fail, but would like expert opinion
Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the tweed, she is delightful... [[SPOILER]]
You ordered 4 pallets?! Christ, that's a lot of cola.Didn't know they made a cola, and you're right, that's an interesting ingredient list. Luckily wikipedia knows allhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Bull_Cola
I'm late to this party, but that's an undergrad stash of redbull you got there.... think of your heart man, your heart...
Those are mostly disasters. Contrast collar, really? These outfits still need to have some stylistic coherency in a vox sense. Mixing city with country is still dangerous even in this hyper-casual context.We should also add that a matching vest is almost always a trainwreck. ExampleIt blows my mind that this guy was professionally styled for this advertisement. Total fail. Also, he has plenty of "attitude," does not change the fact that the outfit just sucks.
I don't even own a turtleneck.
There always this to buck the dark jeans comments See this, for me, is great, but the tweed lends itself to something akin to outerwear. He's wearing a "jacket" not a "sportcoat"
The made in america flag is a nice touch.I'm still only partly convinced. While I like some of the outfits above, they still scream sartoralist to me. Which is a turnoff.
The third picture above would seem to defy the slim jeans as required for the "staple look."
These are pretty good. The third is my favorite, though a slightly darker jean would be better, imho.I agree with both FM and BB in terms of the basic guidelines, BB's last point on dressing down tailored clothing is probably key. I wonder if this is all internal attitude, when almost everyone is walking around in sneakers and sweatpants at work, throwing on a sportcoat with jeans is now officially ''dressing up.''Maybe this is all attitude and less execution. Could also...
New Posts  All Forums: