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You underestimate the power of evolutionary specialization designed to short circuit that impulse.
As the season is upon us (for much of the western world) I find that the only christmas music I can stand comes out of the 40s/50s and maybe a bit of pre-Beatles 60s. All modern albums i have ever listened have a hint of the ironic about them that kills it for me. So I ask, is it possible to make a good unironic christmas album now? Or have we reached the point of no return? For example, there is no possible way that the upcoming christmas album by Bad Religion is...
FWIW the tie is actually burnt orange, iPhone color rendition isn't particularly good.I usually skip the PS on this jacket, I had a cream silk in there, but it seemed too shiny.
I think this is PS fail, but would like expert opinion
Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the tweed, she is delightful... [[SPOILER]]
You ordered 4 pallets?! Christ, that's a lot of cola.Didn't know they made a cola, and you're right, that's an interesting ingredient list. Luckily wikipedia knows all
I'm late to this party, but that's an undergrad stash of redbull you got there.... think of your heart man, your heart...
Those are mostly disasters. Contrast collar, really? These outfits still need to have some stylistic coherency in a vox sense. Mixing city with country is still dangerous even in this hyper-casual context.We should also add that a matching vest is almost always a trainwreck. ExampleIt blows my mind that this guy was professionally styled for this advertisement. Total fail. Also, he has plenty of "attitude," does not change the fact that the outfit just sucks.
I don't even own a turtleneck.
There always this to buck the dark jeans comments See this, for me, is great, but the tweed lends itself to something akin to outerwear. He's wearing a "jacket" not a "sportcoat"
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