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props to stitch for putting together one of the most participated friday challenges of recent memory.
in, I'll post full later. full shot getting my ass kicked in the photo quality world
South facing windows with some serious low winter sun blasting in. Happy wendesday.
I believe the correct term is "developing economies"
I had both a white linen and a cream silk in the pocket before leaving. Both were just OK. Anything with a pattern looked like fail. Regardless I really can't wear a square in my office and not get completely called out. I already push the limits with what I wear.
And my first shitty post of this fine new year. Textures Kent Wang tie. Love it.
This rocks.
Am I alone here in feeling that your shirt sleeves are just a bit too short? I could see you easily adding a half inch (with an attendent lengthing of the jacket sleeves).
You underestimate the power of evolutionary specialization designed to short circuit that impulse.
As the season is upon us (for much of the western world) I find that the only christmas music I can stand comes out of the 40s/50s and maybe a bit of pre-Beatles 60s. All modern albums i have ever listened have a hint of the ironic about them that kills it for me. So I ask, is it possible to make a good unironic christmas album now? Or have we reached the point of no return? For example, there is no possible way that the upcoming christmas album by Bad Religion is...
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