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I used to think the jeans and sportcoat was a good look. Tweed jacket + dark jeans was a staple. Recently, i have lost faith that this can ever actually work (Andy Warhol notwithstanding). So, the question, can the jeans and jacket be redeemed, or has its popularity doomed it to caricature?
Cream silk. Deal with it.
AE is already starting to flirt with completely eliminating what "made in america" value that they currently have. I would assume that ME or JAB, would completely destory what is left of that company. The shoes can be a bit fugly, but there's not much else at that pricepoint that has some level of quality, especially with sales.
It's pretty good and for us mac users, waaaayyy better than safari.
Colorwise I think this is great SB, but I wanted someting crunchier for the tie. The texture of the repp seems a little understated for the jacket.
But the magic happens when they don't look contrived.
Huzzah.... ?
This is, of course, the place where we say post pic and we will judge that. I thought I was a 42 long for decades (well, 1.5 decades)
My interpretation of this is that most women apparently use visual cues as only part of the attractiveness equation whereas men use visual cues much much more. The take home: We are dressing for other men.
My gay men straight men though is apparently wrong. http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2009-10/hu-fga103009.php
New Posts  All Forums: