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It's good he's embracing the awkwardness of middle-school.
These are very "denim trouser," leading to mixed feelings and flashbacks to embarrassing middle school memories.
Yes. Something about the contrast of the smooth fabric finish and the suede texture are off putting to me. I mean it's not "bad" just not great. Small issue either way.Top says summer and the shoes say fall. Possibly just shirt and tie say summer...
Looks like chinos, which would open up the options to jeans... Unless I'm wrong about the pants.
Trying to understand boundaries, does this count as MC?
anybody care to explain why the suede shoes look off here? Maybe I'm just out of practice.
Leave it to stitch to pick a challenge format that I can do from pajamas while drinking morning coffee. Team America
Getting close to spring
lighting is washing this out
trying to find better places for pics power to the grenafaux.
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