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Not to derail this thread again with beer commentary, but what part of the world do you live in where you can get natty light bottles?
is there some sort of higher-end wrangler out there? I see some European friends wearing some that appear to be of nicer quality (in terms of wash, etc.) but not here.
What's your budget?First I would say APC new standard and then just wash them.cheap end - levis 501 or gap straight. Both are nearly identical in measurements, with the gap straight having a lower rise. Closer to the APCs.
I'm not sure that's the case, at least from the side shot. There appears to be flesh in that curve....wow. that was awkwardly worded, but whatever.
Complicated pants?\ [[SPOILER]]
Expound! and worry not.
10 or 12 bucks to ship them back, likely less than your time is worth. I had to iterate through two sizes before I got one that worked, but if I had actually measured a pair of pants that fit then I would have been able to skip the returns. Jamison's measurements are usually spot on. Understand if you want to try them on, but his stuff seems to be pretty great quality for the price point.edit:spelling is hard
If you're above 100, Howard yount?
Jcrew? Hate to say it, but it might work. They can be had cheaply on sale and if you're some more standard size. Try them on though, they are a bit all over with respect to sizing regularity.
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