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I'll take you up on that.
What's the current thought on "critique my fit" threads? Getting ready to jump into MTM shirts and want some feedback on what I need to request based on a current OTR shirt. Likely going mytailor and no chance of an "in-person" measurement. Fit thread seems a bit much, but maybe that's the best place.
What's with the argyle hate?
90 on monday. 40 on wednesday. Awesome.
I think this is HF's ebay clearance site. And somebody possibly got fired.
First off, thanks for the comments!I will never disagree with you on this point. I just own 0 non-structured jackets. I am looking and will pounce when something in a 40L shows up.Not so serious, it's just that they turn "grainy" in a bad way. Starts looking like the stuff I wore when I was a kid. In the 80s. Some other jeans I own tend to have a smoother look to them as they fade, which I find just look, well, less cheap.These are, actually, 501s. In the rigid rinse...
Woke up late and couldn't post this before work. So here it is now. two points that I see 1) while all my jeans are effectively 501's by measurements, actual 501's sorta fade excessively. 2) pocket square? good,bad, ugly? (possibly both bad and ugly)
As a new guy who's fumbling around, gotta say thanks for putting this thread together. TB's tie threads were new to me and are a freaking gold mine!
forget the ties, this is what's hot http://www.mrketplace.com/16876/neckwear-notes-the-dimple-clip/
Most of the standard stuff is Canadian. Bought a number of SC's and the quality is a bit all over. RN numbers say jack victor for most "non-signature" items. The fabric tends to be pretty reasonable especially if you get the ones made with Loro Piana. Dillard's 50% off sale prices typically allow you to get the SCs for about $100 and the suits for $300 (or less).
New Posts  All Forums: