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This outfit would be objectively better with lighter pants. The jacket is brownish. Maybe some green. I will have to ask someone who is not red/green colorblind.
Vox or somebody got drunk at the last styfo christmas party, ask Acrid about it.
why does a) make you sad? This is for learning, not just virtual blowjobs, no?b) - yes, possibly because that link was almost entirely shots of him.c) - yes.
Speaking of AAAC... I thought I did pretty well today. Apparently not. Anybody want to offer up some snarky/constructive criticism?
He's ripping on your closed quarters :/
Some good stuff there. Including the michael jackson impression by PB. Trying a new location in the house with better early morning natural light..
I wanted that collar to be a real buttondown sooooo badly. Alas. No.Still like it though.
I said it skirts too tight, not that it was and I agree that is doesn't pull and otherwise seems ok in that sense. Teger ripped the color combination and I tend to agree with him. This combo should work, but kinda says "spring" up top and "fall" below.
I did a sorta similar outfit in MC Casual and got ripped by Teger for it. I think the pants should be a lighter shade of brown to work completely well here. Personally, I don't think the jacket is too short, but it is skating the line of too tight.
NOBD- I thought I liked the buttons to start with, now I'm lukewarm. They look better in the closeup rather than the overall shot, coat looks more navy in the close up shot. Maybe that's what's doing it. x-post.
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