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BB is better quality. Jcrew has it beat on price,, unless you get a good BB sale. Both fit similarly. Jcrew might be slightly narrower through the leg.
Long time. Weekend wedding and i forgot my linen square. Kinda pissed.
Been a while guys.
Do you mean below $1000? You got above $1000 written there...
all my stuff is RTW, so if ot's just off by 10 degrees then great!as most things on my body, it hangs down and to the leftmy pocket square gage must need to be recalibratedit's recovering from being seriously dislocated.
Interesting. Tie is forest green.
hi guys. Shirt too city for this?
Life has significant karmic quality to it. [[SPOILER]]
The white PS, it's like a knife for the eye. (the tie knot has a micropenis thing going on. It's thin, narrow and almost too short for me. Bad combo).
used or new
New Posts  All Forums: