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Thanks U_C. That was what I had in mind, it is cold today, but I was trying to keep the shirt quieter. The other dirty secret was, I'm in class for 55 minutes and then the lab and committee meetings the rest of the day, so the tie was coming off. I thought I could swing the shirt with the jacket and no tie. Jacket pattern is pretty subtle IRL.
same crap different day. I assume the shirt will get little love.
Nice hal. Morning all. Increasing natural light doing wonders for color rendition natural light. not so natural light.
Can I play?
You could be buying them a size too large.For context, I am 6'4" 190 lb and almost always wear a medium sweater.Other options, beside the ralph lauren, would be uniqlo, jcrew (which has a slim fit in addition to their regular fit) or even brooks brothers when on sale. One of the downsides of cheaper wool sweaters will be pretty bad pilling that will happy pretty quickly. You can get "merino" wool sweaters at target for about $20, but you get approximately 3 wears before...
Is that outerwear? If it's a raincoat, then what's the big deal?
This is why you try things on before you buy them.Also, if you're taking in BR sweaters, you should be spending money elsewhere.Suggested steps for RTW shopping:1 - find something you like2 - try it on3 - decide if it fitsif yes, proceed to step 5if no, proceed to step 44 - put it back, return to step 15 - purchase and enjoy
How do we get replacement buttons for the pants? I managed to have one pop off.
value is dependent on percentage of face obscured by glasses or sundry black dots.
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