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11.5D US oiled suede chukka. Wore it about two times around the house before I decided that the last shape was to aggressive for me. These have a more modern, elongated toe compared to an Alden chukka. Original price was in the $350 range. These are a nice dark brown with a brick red rubber sole. Part of the loake design series. Price includes shipping to the CONUS. No shoe bags or trees are included. Price drop! now $120.00 shipped $110.00 Shipped $90...
Jcrew essential khakis classic or slim
One word, Jcrew, for everything but the suit. Go to a store and try some stuff on. They fit slimmer than most and the sales are great. I would skip the polo shirts and go exclusively "button up" you can always roll the sleeves. The bowery pants are also a pretty good deal when on sale. You will need to look at the classic and slim fits to make your choice on which is better for you. I usually go slightly shorter on pant length the slimmer the pant. For the wool...
Try again
In, though my lack of tie and the existence of a green corduroy suit makes this whole thing a little pointless. Since tapatalk posted giant images, I will upload reasonable size images later (tonight)
It's good he's embracing the awkwardness of middle-school.
These are very "denim trouser," leading to mixed feelings and flashbacks to embarrassing middle school memories.
Yes. Something about the contrast of the smooth fabric finish and the suede texture are off putting to me. I mean it's not "bad" just not great. Small issue either way.Top says summer and the shoes say fall. Possibly just shirt and tie say summer...
Looks like chinos, which would open up the options to jeans... Unless I'm wrong about the pants.
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