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Happy tweedy new year!
Front blade, 4 inches from the tip. It's kinda small, so i might try wearing it. We'll see.I have been that angry at myself only once before. Kids, never open packages while distracted.
I just want everyone to know that I just accidently cut a chunk out of new tie from Drake's as I was opening the package.
Poorly framed and overexposed, but you get the idea
rainy, cold, yesterday.
A security guard challenge has been done. I think vox won it.
Bringing the California tuxedo [[SPOILER]]
Bringing the california tuxedo [[SPOILER]]
Funny, the pants don't really have a taper, it's actually my thighs and the upshot angle, but it does look tapered in this photo. You might be right on the sportcoat, but it has a summer/early fall vibe that I like. Hounds tooth is a dark brown rather than the black in the photo.
Sup. [[SPOILER]]
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