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Hi, I have an M.J. Bale Samurai Suit in grey blue glen plaid size 42/36 for sale. Made in Japan by Ring Jacket with full canvas construction. Literally worn once a year ago. Has sat in my wardrobe since. Was listed as a drop 7, but feels a little closer to a drop 8. Getting married next month - Originally $1300, pickup or drop off in the Sydney CBD for $650. Also have a pair of Crocket and Jones Westfield's in dark brown calf size 10F for sale. Like new with some shop...
I've purchased from Julian in the past and have always been impressed by his exceptional service.
Quote: Originally Posted by hidepenny Do they always have an outlet? Or is it like a place they use temporarily when they have a sale just like any other cities? Thx They have an outlet in Sydney at 118 Commonwealth St Surry Hills. They currently have: Ties for $30 to $70. The Howard Yount style chinos for $50. Last seasons shorts for $50. Some wool and cotton cardigans for $100. Lots of shirts in size L -> XXL for $70 -...
Sneaker size is pretty useless for dress shoes. FWIW I'm a UK 10.5 E in the 348 and 341, 10.5 F in other English dress shoes, 45 in CP, 11.5 US in Quoddy and 11.5 US on the Brannock.
I really like shoes on the 341 last with Jeans. I mostly wear the Sydney loafer and Westfield balmoral cap-toe brogue in dark brown calf. If I want be a bit fuck you I'll wear my Hallam's with jeans but the 348 really pushing it for SW&D. Thinking about the Barnwell or Coniston for this coming Winter.
Quote: Originally Posted by CHECKstar I agree. But a 66% premium? I wouldn't pay a 60% premium on MC stuff. I have on SW&D stuff.
I think it's important to support the smaller businesses who choose to wear the risk of importing the unfortunately niche appeal products that we enjoy. I think that a 30% premium over the price of the item abroad plus shipping is very fair for peace of mind and instant gratification.
Quote: Originally Posted by Charlie's Wardrobe Wraith, mate, I think we get the point that you are not a fan of Patrick's. Seems like everytime they are brought up you chime in repeatedly with the "offshore mtm" term. It's tiring. The most appealing aspect of P Johnson to me is that there is a strong house aesthetic that is in line with my personal taste. I've commissioned garments from two local bespoke tailors and I was ultimately...
Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman Please, please tell me that Herringbone is not making a "shorts" suit. Awesome. Will definately kop.
SuperOcean Heritage > SuperOcean. I dig the yellow rehaut though.
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