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I've purchased from Julian in the past and have always been impressed by his exceptional service.
Quote: Originally Posted by hidepenny Do they always have an outlet? Or is it like a place they use temporarily when they have a sale just like any other cities? Thx They have an outlet in Sydney at 118 Commonwealth St Surry Hills. They currently have: Ties for $30 to $70. The Howard Yount style chinos for $50. Last seasons shorts for $50. Some wool and cotton cardigans for $100. Lots of shirts in size L -> XXL for $70 -...
Sneaker size is pretty useless for dress shoes. FWIW I'm a UK 10.5 E in the 348 and 341, 10.5 F in other English dress shoes, 45 in CP, 11.5 US in Quoddy and 11.5 US on the Brannock.
I really like shoes on the 341 last with Jeans. I mostly wear the Sydney loafer and Westfield balmoral cap-toe brogue in dark brown calf. If I want be a bit fuck you I'll wear my Hallam's with jeans but the 348 really pushing it for SW&D. Thinking about the Barnwell or Coniston for this coming Winter.
Quote: Originally Posted by CHECKstar I agree. But a 66% premium? I wouldn't pay a 60% premium on MC stuff. I have on SW&D stuff.
I think it's important to support the smaller businesses who choose to wear the risk of importing the unfortunately niche appeal products that we enjoy. I think that a 30% premium over the price of the item abroad plus shipping is very fair for peace of mind and instant gratification.
Quote: Originally Posted by Charlie's Wardrobe Wraith, mate, I think we get the point that you are not a fan of Patrick's. Seems like everytime they are brought up you chime in repeatedly with the "offshore mtm" term. It's tiring. The most appealing aspect of P Johnson to me is that there is a strong house aesthetic that is in line with my personal taste. I've commissioned garments from two local bespoke tailors and I was ultimately...
Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman Please, please tell me that Herringbone is not making a "shorts" suit. Awesome. Will definately kop.
SuperOcean Heritage > SuperOcean. I dig the yellow rehaut though.
I'd probably pay around $100 AUD for a Thomas Pink shirt provided they were cut slim. Only because I really hate fused collars. Their branding is really camp outside of an English context though. Stops me from pulling the trigger. I'd like to try T&A but I don't have the patience for bespoke.
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