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hair looks dry, poofy, and a little bit frizzy.
is there such a product that keeps hair wet looking with zero hold? I dont like the hardness / oils of gel and promade, but am looking for something to keep my hair malleable and wet. I usually just put a bunch of leave in conditioner in my hair and it looks pretty good but it eventually dries out by mid day.
nvm, tired them on at the store. on my gosh, they are huge, not slim at all. i think the leg opening might have been 8+ inches.
jcrew sizing on shirts? do they run slim or are they standard american sizing. I normally wear size small to mediums. Im 5' 6 140 lbs.
any experience with experss finn slim chinos? they went on sale for 30 dollars a pair and i kind of regret not getting a pair.
can someone from bodega help me get in contact with the customer/return department. I have an issue with my order but I haven't gotten a repose to the numerous emails I sent in the past 3-4 weeks.
yes, black.
APC NS (new standards) (70 shipped) -size 26, hemmed to 32 inch inseam (fits 2 sizes bigger) -7 out of 10 condition
Nudies bootcut ola, legs tappered to fit like my dior 19cms (35 shipped) -size 29x32 -6.5/10 condition, still holding strong, no signs of any rips -amazing fades
Dior 19cm gray jeans (110 shipped) -size 30, unhemmed -6/10 condition, still holding strong, no signs of any rips -made in japan amazing fit. would keep but gained some weight.
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