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I would too. It'd be bizarre to get some sort of Benjamin Button reverse aging jeans.
I'm not sure about the pic you posted, but the Nudie Tube Kelly's in my image are a very light weight cotton/lycra mix, which may make rolling easier than a thicker, pure cotton denim.
I think it can look ok, sometimes.
I have a Nudie Jeans "Terry" denim jacket. They are very slim fit, are fairly well made, available washed or raw and can be had for well under $100 brand new. Just one option that's out there.
I've gotten a lot of use out of a cheap pair of Nudie Tube Kelly's during the Australian summer, which can get quite humid and hot. The denim used on that model is light and breathes very well.
My hearing is working fine."“We usually refer to this cut as the ‘undercut,’ and there are gazillions of variations, for boys and girls,” Ms. von Taube said. “We are aware that non-Germans refer to it as the ‘jugend’ ” — German for “youth” — “or the ‘Hitler’ even. Maybe it’s a case of selective perception.”"
Jugend (youth) is what I've heard it commonly referred as.
Rufus Green Lionheart is a really nice hoodie available in black and grey. I tried it on in store, it is very well made and thin. The fabric is really soft.
Got some Levis 505 the other day. Figured I'd break my posting virginity with this.
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