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Looks like African Apparel to me.
Mr Porter has it at 50% off in S and XS
Anybody have experience with Velva Sheen tees? Sizing/quality info would be much appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by phreak APC sale started. I'm looking to get a swimsuit but am unsure what size to get with a 31 waist. Small or Medium? I wear a small in their chinos and I'm a 31". Not sure if the Madras line runs differently though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Desi Denim on sale? $90 New Standards? Huh? Not the raws, just seasonal stuff like overdyes and stone washes. sale is on now looks like 30-50%
If only Mr Porter had the APC parka in tobacco...
Has anybody in Canada ordered directly from before? Huge fees/no fees? I was thinking on picking up some stuff from their sale and I'm not sure if it's worth it since they ship with UPS. Thanks in advance.
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