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The fuck?For me its at $730... [[SPOILER]]
You do realize I said $730 right?
What the fuck is up with ssense pricing? $730 for duck boots yet $545 at frances may.... I get they pay some customs fees or whatever but thats an insane markup.
Hate to add to the broken record, but my bush pant button on the right pocket fell off too. I was kind of shocked, especially with the price tag...
...Case? is it really you?
I went to a 30 and I'm a 31.If you do end up going with 30, they're $130 here --
The tan ones look dank as fuck, too bad these are probably gonna carry an even bigger price tag.
Awesome, IMO. Perfect fit and light enough that they can be worn in warmer weather. They run a size big.
Thanks man!
Where did you get those from?I want some and 60% sounds lovely.
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